Shira the Siberian Husky

Dog Breed: Siberian Husky

Shira's mom says: Shira is the first purchase my boyfriend and I made when we graduated college and got our first jobs. I went to the mall to buy khaki pants and came out with a Siberian Husky. We cannot walk down the street without someone approaching us telling us what a beautiful dog we have. She greets and kisses everyone one she meets. She has even helped a few youngsters get over their fear of dogs! She loves the dog park, pulling her dad on his skateboard around town, squeaky toys, and long hikes. Her best friend Remi (another dog) and her play for hours - the neighbors tell us they love to watch them. Shira's boundless energy is never ending, she is always up for a round of tug-o-war or soccer keep away. Everyone still asks if she is a puppy because she still has so much energy and is on the small side for a husky. Shira puts a smile on my face everyday. I think she will do the same for you!