Sierra the Rottweiler Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Sierra's mom says: Sierra lives with us near Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Sierra has been with us for three years (since she was a pup) and has lived in as many locations. We adopted her in the Colorado mountains, after which she made the move overseas with us to Germany, where she learned all of her obedience commands in German. We're now back in the States and Sierra is slowly getting used to the HOTlanta heat! She's a big, strong, gorgeous girl with firm opinions about her place in this world and lots and lots of energy. She plays hard and loves life -- she's a rock star at the dog park where she thinks she's the boss and doesn't hesitate to step in if someone is getting rough with one of the regulars. She has the best head for petting -- big and round from her half-rottie heritage -- and a spotted tongue and pretty red coat, possibly from some chow in her background somewhere. She may have some retriever blood as well because she LOVES the water. She's a great jogging partner and gives lots and lots of kisses to anyone who will stand still for them. She adores children and can't wait for us to give her some human siblings. Sierra is our first baby and will always have a special place in our hearts.