Sledge the American Bulldog

Dog Breed: American Bulldog

When Sledgie was just a few months old and took a visit to the vet, the doctor told his family, "He's not going to be a lap dog--that's for sure." Boy, was he wrong! While he has the typical bulldog traits that make him a great guard dog, Sledge likes nothing more than to sit right in his owners' laps--all 115 pounds of him--to cuddle up and watch a movie or a baseball game. He loves to be active--whether it is splashing around in the pool or playing with his 24-inch car tire in the backyard, Sledge's larger-than-life personality fits perfectly with his his powerful and impressive frame. Overcoming two torn ACL injuries, Sledge is too playful at heart to ever slow down. He is very loving and is protective of his family and friends, including his niece and nephew who he routinely baby sits.