Sophie the American Eskimo Dog

Dog Breed: American Eskimo Dog

Hello, my name is Sophie. My life began in the beautiful Bay Area of Northern California. Friends of mine say I'm friendly, sociable and fearless. Sometimes i'm referred to as the "community pup" because all of our neighbors enjoy taking care of me when my owners are away. I've been taking walks on a leash since I was 10 weeks old. When on walks I like meeting new canines who enjoy sprinting back and forth with me. I'm very gentle with young children; they are always happy to see me at the park. My best skills are sit, down, stay, come and "place" which are commands we practice every weekend at our local park. I'd love to say more but it's now time to go chew through my newest puppy play toys.

Comments (16)
happypup May 12, 2013
Sophie you are adorable and very beautiful!

goldenlover May 12, 2013
Regal dog on a "regal" robe !! Sophie is a beauty with a...

amyliz May 12, 2013
Sophie, you are so pretty and such a good girl! Many happy and...

Mmmousemaid May 12, 2013
Sophie, it sounds like you're living la dolce vita. Enjoy!

daphne's mom May 12, 2013
Sophie you are beautiful! I hope you have a long happy and healthy...

virgilsmama May 12, 2013
Sophie is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. This profile shot is...

bluegigi May 12, 2013
Sophie is so beautiful with her pink ears and pink tags!!! Oh my!

The Raven May 12, 2013
Sophie, you darling little angel. It was fun watching you grow...

buzzy May 12, 2013
You look like a gem in a small package. What a cutie.

chelsearosebud May 12, 2013
Sophie, I am bowled over by your sweetness. You are a TREASURE. Love...

susannablues May 12, 2013
She sounds very special. Looks like my Eskie Toby (13 years) but...

waterwriter May 12, 2013
Sophie is a beautiful pup! She sounds like she has the ideal...

Abiglen May 12, 2013
Beautiful dark eyes, white fluffy fur and as sweet as can be.....You...

drakes' granny May 12, 2013
You sure are a pretty girl. Love the pink ears and attentive look. ...

nancybatt1 May 12, 2013
Very pretty girl. Love her name.

pupfanatic May 12, 2013
Hi, Community pup! I would definitely be on the "watch...