Southwell* the Beagle

Dog Breed: Beagle

Southwell's dad says: Southwell has grown into a beautiful boy. He’s very active, but has six family members to keep him occupied all day long. His most unique or peculiar quality is, he chooses not to bark or howl! He can, and has barked many times, but he just chooses to be silent most of time. One close neighbor didn’t even know we had a dog! We weren’t sure if he would end up being a 13” Beagle or a 15” Beagle, but he is full grown now, and is exactly 13”, a perfect size dog. Small enough to cuddle on a lap, which he does all the time, but still a robust little guy that can stand up to playful children and youths. * Previous Puppy of the Day ~ Southwell's Puppy Pictures