Sparky the Poodle

Dog Breed: Poodle

Sparky's mom says: Hi! My name is Nadine and live in Canada. My family and I bought this wonderful puppy, named Sparky, just over a year ago! He brings such joy to all of us every single day! We all think he is much too smart for his own good, and this just adds to his big personality. He loves to hide my moms glasses only to follow her around the house as she searches for them! This furry baby is the center of attention at all times, he just craves it! He loves to run laps around the back yard and is happy to come inside and sit right away as we clean off his paws from the snow! Little Sparky is either found running around being mischievous or cuddled up taking a nap on someones lap. We are all so in love with this little guy!!