Stan and Sally the Basset Hounds

Dog Breed: Unknown

Stan and Sally's mom says: We adopted Stan and Sally separately from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue in July 2006. Sally had belonged to an old man; when he died his family took her, but their home life was too hectic so they surrendered her to the rescue. We were amazed when she adjusted to our home almost immediately. Stan was found wandering as a stray and the shelter called Guardian Angel to come get him. When we brought him home, the dogs met each other through our storm door and they became friends right away. Sally is very small for a basset (about 30 pounds) but she is so sweet and playful. Stan is the prototypical basset from head to tail. He spends most of every day sleeping, while Sally goes outside about 50 times a day, usually to bark at anything that might dare to enter the neighborhood. Our dogs are incredibly smart! Sally recognizes just about anything you say to her, while we've taught Stan a new trick: to wag his tail on command. Seriously though, you couldn't ask for better companions.