Star the Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

Star is very laid back and loves her naps. Star's favorite past times are chewing bones and riding in the car. She loves to put her head out the window and feel the breeze! When we go to the dog park, Star is more interested in chasing squirrels than playing with other dogs, but she has a good time. Star just got a new little sister, Sookie, and its been an adjustment to have to share things, but she loves and protects her sister.

Comments (25)
veronica Feb 28, 2013
wow, you are both very cute and adorable xx

goldenlover Feb 28, 2013
Beautiful dog, great story.

Abiglen Feb 28, 2013
A long-haired Doxie :) Star is a beauty and sounds very sweet. I love...

Abiglen Feb 28, 2013
Couldn't pass up commenting on Star and Sookie snuggling...

guerrero's grandma Feb 28, 2013
what a gorgeous girl you are Star; and so happy looking too... you...

amyliz Feb 28, 2013
Star, you are so pretty and what a good girl you are for taking care...

nancybatt1 Feb 28, 2013
You definitely are a Star...very sweet!!

thompsblt1 Feb 28, 2013
Very cute couple!

bluegigi Feb 28, 2013
Yes, Ma, I'll share my bed... if I have to!!!

daphne's mom Feb 28, 2013
I love this pic! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years...

natureswonders Feb 28, 2013
Hello Star, you strike a pose girl! You have the looks!

virgilsmama Feb 28, 2013
Star and Sookie---I bet they really love each other!!!!

virgilsmama Feb 28, 2013
Star is gorgeous with her long hair and beautiful colors! Such a...

bestfriends Feb 28, 2013
Star is the perfect name for this beautiful girl! Just saw your sis,...

chelsearosebud Feb 28, 2013
Extra cuddles for Star who has had to make a huge adjustment and...

kukie Feb 28, 2013
Ah Star you are so pretty! How nice that you have a little sister...

drakes' granny Feb 28, 2013
Star is beautiful and looks very loving. She has a very sweet face.

Missmilamae Feb 28, 2013
Star, you look so much like my beloved Kristin, a Doxie mix I just...

ECHOBLIZZ Feb 28, 2013

kgpayne13 Feb 28, 2013
Star, your name suits you. You are bright and beautiful!

bkwe Feb 28, 2013
What a beautiful lady you are! I saw Sookie as the Daily Puppy...

Coinshop Feb 28, 2013
She's beautiful!

mychiensr1 Feb 28, 2013
Star and Sookie are the cutest babies in the world! Hugs and kisses...

Mike Harper Mar 1, 2013
Star I just love your beautiful face!! I know you...

iluvk9s Mar 3, 2013
Star is so sweet and adorable!! Have fun playing with Sookie sweet baby!