Stella the Chocolate Labrador

Dog Breed: Unknown

Stella's mom says: Stella is a three-year-old chocolate Labrador from Beeton, Ontario, Canada. She is a fun-loving, easygoing girl who loves to play, cuddle, run, swim, and most of all... fish! She loves to jump into the water after the fish we catch, so we have to make sure that when we hook into one someone's got hold of Stella so she doesn't knock the fish off the hook or, even worse, get a hook into her. We recently had our first baby, Prudence, and Stella has accepted her into the family just like her own sister. Stella loves to lick Prudence every chance she gets, and every time Prudence starts crying, Stella always comes running to me to let me know her little sister needs something. We love our Stella and couldn't imagine life without her.