Sydney the Border Collie Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Border Collie

Sydney was adopted from the Wisconsin Humane Society when she was 12 weeks old. She was a wee 7 pounds when we picked her up and very, very timid. Sydney is now the most outgoing, energetic, loyal and loving dog we have ever known! Her nickname is 'Magnet' because she is at our feet every time we turn around. Catching Frisbee comes as easy to her as herding. It seems to be just yet another instinct she has! She is a bullet and super athletic! Sydney loves her two sisters Brandy and Myya and is especially in love with her fat cat brother Oliver. Sydney loves to cuddle and fall asleep upside down in your arms. If there was ever a dog that wanted to be a human it would be Sydney! You can never have a bad day when she is around.