Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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Jun 5, 2010 georgia04
Great shot of Tag. :> He's sso beautiful! Many more happy and healthy years for him!
Jun 5, 2010 champfouquet
Tag looks the picture of innocence here, I can't believe he's EVER naughty! Seriously, he looks a bundle of fun and a loving companion. Enjoy many happy years together.
Jun 5, 2010 princelover
Tag is not naughty, he is just being a healthy, happy Spaniel. I love your water shots, doing what a spaniel enjoys most. Tag, you are beautiful! Enjoy a long and very healthy life, Sweetie.
Jun 5, 2010 gill
Love Tags' expression! He is just so sweet. Spaniels are to water as cheese to pickle! Hope you have many more wonderful years with him. Bickies all round.
Jun 5, 2010 Gunka Munka
just wonderful :)
Jun 5, 2010 daphne's mom
I love this action pic! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of cuddles for Tag and Obi too!
Jun 5, 2010 dogmommy
Now I need a BIG HUG and kiss...I just love to be wet and sandy. What a beautiful example of a great spaniel! Many years of joy with your bundle.
Jun 5, 2010 furriesrfantastic
Oh my this one made me actually laugh out loud ... Tag sounds like a hoot!! Love him dearly, he's one of a kind! Wishing you many, many happy and healthy years!
Jun 5, 2010 HillCountryGal
Howdy Tag. What I see is a happy healthy dog in the perfect environment.
Jun 5, 2010 stillwater20
what a great action shot - joy in motion!! hugs from Memphis.....
Jun 5, 2010 w102663
Happy, happy, doggy...I can't remember seeing a doggy having so much fun. LOL It is heartwarming to see Tag enjoy his life so much. He's a cute guy who knows how to "live"!:) Wish I could hug and kiss him. OX OX OX
Jun 5, 2010 drakes' granny
and more action fun. Tag is a happy, healthy, fun loving little guy for you to love and cuddle even when wet. Just keep him safe and he will love you forever too.
Jun 5, 2010 w102663
One of many "great" shots of Tag!:)
Jun 5, 2010 w102663
A dripping-wet Tag ~~~ *Priceless*!
Jun 5, 2010 Malimom
wow...what a handsome dog you are. i love the pool shots to. great job. AND i love that you still have your long beautiful tail.Thanks mom for keeping it natural. have an awsome day doing what you love to do...
Jun 5, 2010 MAOAC12
What a beautiful dog with a sweet personality. My corgi likes to eat bubbles too (but then again, he will eat absolutely anything). He is such a precious boy. Great action shots!
Jun 5, 2010 bkregh
Tag! Wow!! you are beautiful. Lots of hugs and ksses to you little guy.
Jun 5, 2010 Momofterriers
What a cutie!!
Jun 5, 2010 amyliz
This picture is hilarious...Tag is such a handsome and funny boy!
Jun 5, 2010 The Raven
You go, water boy!!!! What a great action shot, but then Tag seems to be an action kind of guy. Barks at everything, what fun life must be for him. Water, water, mud, and more mud, that's the life. Dear Sweet Obi, how does he handle this pup? Sounds like you have your hands full....>ENJOY every moment.
Jun 5, 2010 rockford
Love this picture! Loving water pup! Congrats on todays grown up puppy! My dog was on May, 25th this year. Come take a look!
Jun 5, 2010 ObiTag
You guys are so kind! The problem is my cheeky little monkey puts on the EYES and you just can't blame him for rolling in horse dung!
Jun 5, 2010 lucybee
Tag-you are quite the water baby aren't you? Wish you could come play in the pool with my Lab Belle!
Jun 5, 2010
Love this pictureee :) it looks so cool. the dog is pretty too :)
Jun 5, 2010 DLGray
Love the springer in this sweetheart.... the water pics are FUN!!!
Jun 5, 2010 Herefred
Hey, Tag, you are one good looking do! Check out my avatar. Do you think we could be related? Lots of love and wet, warm puppy kisses.
Jun 5, 2010 Herefred
Ooops! I meant one good looking DOG, of course. My bad!
Jun 5, 2010 Noodlesboy
I love this picture! Tag, you sound like a very energetic young man, but that means having tons of fun with you. Many hugs and kisses to you (if you hold still long enough to receive them).
Jun 5, 2010 horse_rider
What great photos! Lovely dog too. Tag, looks like you've got it made in the shade buddy... enjoy your great life!
Jun 5, 2010 musiclady
SWEET looking doggie! God bless you and Tag!
Jun 5, 2010 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Tag, it is so lovely to see that your humans know exactly what a Springer needs...water, water and more water. What a beautiful boy you are! I am sure you keep everyone busy, amused and loved. Wonderful photography as well. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Jun 5, 2010 coriebe
What a character! Also very cute! :)
Jun 5, 2010 bestfriends
Beautiful dog, hilarious bio, great shots, I think Tag has it all! My 3 Doxies send him wishes for a long, healthy life filled with love, tummy rubs, and lots of fun.
Jun 5, 2010 dianel99
Wow! He is freakin fantastic!
Jun 5, 2010 lisalisa
Tag sounds like such a character - and he is sooooo very handsome! I love the look on his face in this picture. It's almost as if he's thinking ahead to the hairdryer. Very cute!
Jun 6, 2010 Jose
Your sooooooooooo cute I just want to give you hugs and kisses!
Jun 6, 2010 Cardi-Lover
sweetest thing i have seen in a very long time!!
Jun 6, 2010 sandee
amazing picture!! I love it! lol, too cute! you can tell when they love water, can't you? I've got three labradors, and they just love jumping in our pool :) tons of kisses and hugs and treats :)
Jun 7, 2010 asiasmum
Tag obviousley loves the water LOL ;)
Jun 7, 2010 RheannaMarie
Jun 7, 2010 jsewell51
So cute! xoxo
Jun 7, 2010 Limmyluver
OMG! Best pic ever of Tag. I'm in L-O-V-E! Tag looks like such a great, fun dog. Have a great life little one and luvs 4 U! I wish you many treats, hugs, kisses, and loves.
Jun 7, 2010 cathater10
too cute!!!
Jun 7, 2010 cathater10
great pic..
Jun 7, 2010 iluvk9s
Wow what fun!!! Tag is such a lively sweet happy baby!!! Zillions of kisses, cookies and hugs!!
Jun 7, 2010 Marley&Me
great picture! shows the passion for water and balls of springers. truly amazing dogs!
Jun 8, 2010 elliel
Oh my! Aren't you a character! Lot's of energy and lot's of things to do. Best wishes to you and your family.
Jun 10, 2010 toriee
aww,i love a dog that lovs to swim! what a cuttie! xoxo
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