Talon and Tundra

Dog Breed: Unknown

Talon and Tundra's mom says: Talon was a stray who was set to be euthanized the day he was rescued by Shepherds to Love. He was a gangly ten-month-old who was brought to my house for a home visit to see if we were a good match for each other. He crossed the threshold, greeted everyone in my house with puppy exuberance, drank an entire 64-ounce bowl of water, went into the bedroom, and threw up. I immediately turned to the woman from the rescue and said, "I'll take him!" He has lived with me for three years, has since become a Canine Good Citizen, and is on his way to being a therapy dog. Tundra's story starts out very sad. He was tied to an outdoor fence for his first three years of life and appeared to have been abused, evidenced by a high level anxiety and a terrible fear of children. His owners didn't want him anymore, and when they couldn't find him a home, they were going to shoot him. The SPCA of Northern Virginia snatched him up and I was lucky enough to adopt him. He had a horrible case of giardia, which is a parasite, and weighed a sickly 65 pounds. Tundra has been with me for two years and that has really changed. Both Talon and Tundra are healthy and close to 120 pounds each. Big dogs, with even bigger hearts. We travel together, swim together, go to the dog park every day, and I am hoping to "bark mitzvah" them in the near future. They are the children I never had, and together we make up one happy family!