Teddy Bear the Cocker Spaniel

Dog Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Teddy is a rescue from a puppy mill. When the rescue group dropped him off they could not stop apologizing and when I saw him I knew why. Teddy was so dirty and covered in mats he could not walk. I had never seen anything like it. An angel must have whispered in my ear to call Cocker Spaniel Rescue to ask their advice. A rescue worker met me the very next day and took me to a groomer who shaved Teddy down. While he looked much better, he had been at the mill for three years and was so very timid and frightened of the world. He had spent his whole life in a small cage, never seeing grass or rain or snow. All the dogs rescued from this mill were terrified of running water and we guessed they must have used high power hoses to wash down the cages with the animals inside. Teddy has been with me for two years now and he is such a wonderful delight. Teddy loves squeaky toys and playing fetch. He is still very timid but he recently began going up to strangers on our walks, which is such an improvement from the little dog that would hide behind me if anyone came within 10 feet of us.