Teddy the Akita

Dog Breed: Akita

Teddy was rescued from the streets of Trenton New Jersey by the Ewing Animal Shelter. He was running loose for six months before the shelter could catch him (he was terrified of people). The shelter staff brought him back from the brink of death--he was starving and had mange. When I adopted him, he had almost no hair, so I was very surprised to find to find that I now owned a rare long-haired Akita. He is so sweet and loving, and he adores his Akita brother and sister. I encourage everyone to consider adopting a dog by visiting your local animal shelter--all three of my dogs came from shelters, and each is a gem!

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georgia04 Dec 25, 2009
I'm very honored to be the first to comment on Teddy. He's...

Jose Dec 25, 2009
What a cutie!

shortyww22 Dec 25, 2009
oh gosh what a handsome Boy Teddy is.I'm so glad they brought him...

HillCountryGal Dec 25, 2009
Good Morning and Merry Christmas Teddy. I absolutely agree, shelter...

ozzy2975 Dec 25, 2009
Merry CHRISTmas Teddy. Love all the pictures. Woofs & biscuits to...

alie7 Dec 25, 2009
What a beautiful dog! So lucky to have found you as an owner. Lots...

djmc Dec 25, 2009
What a beauty!!!!!!! God bless you for giving Teddy a wonderful home....

goldenlover Dec 25, 2009
"Thank you Doggie God for getting me such a good home."...

gypsyrobin Dec 25, 2009
He's an amazing beauty. Bless you and your family for giving him...

Candya Dec 25, 2009
What a great story of love and redemption. thank you

Candya Dec 25, 2009
......and I should add that this story reminds me of what God does...

haleygirl Dec 25, 2009
My dog was a rescue dog, too. They are so happy to have new homes...

fritzy Dec 25, 2009

dogmom Dec 25, 2009
This face is so easy to love. Wonderful that he found you! ...

pamfontainepeters Dec 25, 2009
Teddy is beautiful. What a sad beginning he had but such a wonderful...

dogluvr857 Dec 25, 2009
What a beautiful dog! I'm so happy you found each other, and wish...

CollieMom Dec 25, 2009
Beautiful story, beautiful doggy. Merry Christmas, Teddy!

ckendall Dec 25, 2009
If you give them some food and kindness you have a very happy dog...

Coinshop Dec 25, 2009
Teddy is awesome. I hope you have many more happy years together...

horse_rider Dec 25, 2009
Merry Christmas, to you and your other rescues Teddy! I also have 3...

daphne's mom Dec 25, 2009
What a sweetheart! I agree with adopting. That is how I got my lil...

germanshepherd Dec 25, 2009
this dog is so cute and i love teddy it is the cutest akita EVER

luvmyroscoe Dec 25, 2009
RESCUE DOGS ROCK!!! Teddy is proof~

iluvk9s Dec 25, 2009
What a sweet precious Teddy bear!!!! Merry Christmas adorable baby,...

Twin-Pup Dec 25, 2009
What a sweet Teddy Bear! Merry Christmas, Teddy!

ssmit136 Dec 25, 2009
What a handsome dog!I am so glad that you rescued him! He seems to be...

drakes' granny Dec 25, 2009
Sounds like Teddy got lucky. He sure looks healthy and happy now. ...

gryt Dec 25, 2009
So happy in the snow!!

sugar bear Dec 25, 2009
teddy you are absolutely beautiful and look like the happiest dog in...

feather Dec 25, 2009
Oh Teddy, You are a magnificent boy! I've never seen a long...

barb_dozer Dec 25, 2009

gsd s rule :) Dec 25, 2009
what a gorgeous dog !!

lucybee Dec 25, 2009
Teddy-you've come a long way since that rough beginning.I'm...

lucybee Dec 25, 2009
Sorry,but I had to also comment on your pretty prancing in this picture.

goodgirlgracie Dec 25, 2009
I'm so happy you found each other!!! I think adoption is the best!

Limmyluver Dec 25, 2009
So so so so so so sooooooo cute! Teddy is so adorable. What a...

malawi Dec 25, 2009
What a wonderful beautiful boy!

amandam106 Dec 25, 2009
What a beautiful boy! It looks like he could be a Saint Bernard...

Gingersmom97401 Dec 25, 2009
He looks so noble in this picture. He is beautiful. I am so glad that...

jbstarr Dec 25, 2009
Teddy is VERY cute and looks like a good, loving friend !! My dog...

DogGirlhtgph Dec 25, 2009
Congratulations and blessings for your happy Akita family. I work in...

suzzanne Dec 25, 2009
Teddy - you look exactly like my Morgan with longer hair. You are a...

suzzanne Dec 25, 2009
Teddy - you look exactly like my Morgan with longer hair. You are a...

Oliver & Henry's Mum Dec 25, 2009
Teddy is magnificent! He has such a beautiful face, and his eyes are...

wolfgirl66 Dec 25, 2009
Adorable Teddy is awesome!

taniamorse85 Dec 25, 2009
I don't think I've ever seen a long-haired Akita before, but...

puppy world#1 Dec 26, 2009
Awwwwwwwwww What an cute Akita she has to be a mix looks different.

Muzzlenuzzles Dec 26, 2009
Teddy is spectacular!

loveheals Dec 26, 2009
It's hard to believe that this gorgeous, sweet boy was once a...

lisalisa Dec 26, 2009
OMG - he is just BEAUTIFUL! Teddy's story is so heart-warming. ...

kady Dec 26, 2009
How nice for both of you to have found each other.His coat is now...

kitcaepup Dec 26, 2009
You are beautiful Teddy!

lalamcgoo Dec 26, 2009
super cute!!!

w102663 Dec 26, 2009
Dear Teddy, I am sorry that you had a rough 6 months and I am so...

spongebrooke Dec 27, 2009
What a handsome little man! ^_^

razz Jan 1, 2010
Naww so cutee:)