Teddy the Lhasa Apso / Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Teddy's sister says: We got Teddy (nicknames: Ted, Oscar, Ted-werd, Werd-nerd) back in 2000. He lives most of the time in the Chicago suburbs, but he spends a lot of time each year living in Maui, Hawaii, with my parents. Teddy loves Maui because of the warm breezes that carry many good smells, and because he gets to go on lots of long walks. When he flies to Maui he gets placed in his kennel in a special pressurised, heated compartment on the plane. However, on his last trip back home from Maui the pilot couldn't get the temperature up in the compartment, so he rerouted the plane through San Francisco! The flight attendants let Teddy sit on my dad's lap in first class for the remainder of the flight, and when my dad walked on the plane carrying him, everyone started clapping and cheering. I guess we are lucky that so many dog lovers were on that plane!