Teena the Cairn Terrier

Dog Breed: Cairn Terrier

Teena says: "My official name is Awesome Athena because I was born during the Olympics year, but you can call me Teena. I am the only doggie in my home and I am queen of the castle. My mom works at home and we live in a neighborhood full of big trees and squirrels, so I really get a workout in our back yard, running back and forth as they scamper along the fence. I've never caught one of the little buggers but it's fun to try. We cairns were bred as ratters so if it looks like a rodent and acts like a rodent, well, look out. When my mom travels she takes me to a cageless boarding place. At first I was shy around the other dogs and afraid of the big ones. Now I've got a Jack Russell and two little pug buddies there that I play tug-the-toy with, and I keep the other dogs in line if they get too 'nosey' with me. My favorite place to be is on my dad's lap when he watches TV. There, I curl up into a little ball and he scratches my neck and ears. Ahhhhh."