Tex the American Bulldog

Dog Breed: American Bulldog

Tex is a 90 pound, 15-month-old American Bulldog. He was the puppy of the day on year ago so I thought it would be fun to show all of his fans how much he has grown. Tex has developed quite the love of water. He loves to go to the creek and fetch balls and sticks by swimming way out to them. He loves his rawhide chew bones and can polish off a 10-inch bone with tennis-ball-sized knotted ends in about two hours. He loves other dogs, especially his two friends. One is a four-month-old boxer named Zoey and the other is a four-month-old Lab named Newton. They can play endlessly and despite the huge size difference, Tex is very gentle with them. Tex is just a good ol' laid back Texas dog that enjoys going to the park and exploring the woods with his human in tow not far behind.