Texas the Mutt

Dog Breed: Unknown

Texas's dad says: When we adopted Texas, he was a sad, lonely stray that had been at the RSPCA Yagoona (NSW, Australia) shelter for over six months. People just walked straight past him. Even to this day we cannot understand how they could. He is a charming, intelligent, funny, playful, gentle, and patient puppy who is quite simply one of a kind. Any dog that meets him is either very friendly or incredibly jealous. Texas has been our doted-upon fur-son for almost two years now and turns four years old in October. With lots of love and constant praise, he has grown to have the best self-esteem of any puppy we have ever known. When we are sick he sticks closer to us than our own shadows. His caring, watchful brown eyes are always looking after us as we look after him. When people ask us if we have children we answer, "Yes, a fur-son called Texas." Texas is posing with an artwork he created with help from his mummy at last year's RSPCA Last Chance Club reunion. This is Texas's hello/goodbye spot. It is the closest he can get to his humans as he bids them farewell or welcomes them home. "Texas and the Buster Food Cube" Texas supports all things that are good for the environment... like recycling! Here he is recycling my Father's Day present wrapping paper. What a good boy! Texas's Blog