Toby the Border Collie

Dog Breed: Border Collie

My name is Toby and I am a 9-year-old Border Collie. I am the happiest boy ever. I am a very good boy and never misbehave. I love my parents and my new brother Levi. I run every day without exception, even the few times that it rains here in sunny San Diego. My very favorite thing to do is to go to the park to play fetch. I also like jogging at the bay with my parents and riding in the car. I am still young at heart and love to play with toys. Earlier this year I accidentally ate part of my rope toy and had to get 6 inches of my intestine removed. I was such a good boy after my surgery and I recovered very quickly and am back to having tons of energy. I like swimming in the bay even though I am not very good at it and usually swallow a lot of salt water. I used to have a pretty calm, relaxing life. But now I have a little border collie brother named Levi who will not let me relax. He has way too much energy and likes to chew on my neck and pounce on me constantly. He is not very good at sharing and always steals my rawhides. But I am a good big brother and I have taught him how to play fetch and how to walk on a leash. Even though he can be a headache, I love him very much.