Toni the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Bloodhound

Hi, my name is Toni. I am an Australian cattle dog mix. My mom adopted me from the city shelter. She couldn't get over how pretty of a girl I was! She got me on April Fools Day and she thinks it's suiting since I am so goofy! Mom is so happy to have me! I love people though I didn't much at first. Whenever I go to the park I play with the people instead of dogs. Mom gives me treats and smooches, constant love! I am glad to have a home and of course belly rubs! My mom finally got a DNA test done and I am a Cattle dog, Norfolk terrier, bloodhound, Belgian Tervuren, and Irish wolfhound. Quite a mouthful, huh? i am over half cattle dog though, which explains why my mom thinks I am so hyper. This past April my mom got me a little brother. Though he is far from little, I love to pick on him sometimes!