Tonka the English Bulldog

Dog Breed: Unknown

Tonka's mom says: Tonka, fully named Honky “Tonka” Joe, is the love of my life. I call him my “little man” for a reason; his aura and actions are often very human. He gets grumpy and he has some OCD qualities, like if I take a toy away that he is obsessing over, he will search endlessly, grunting and whining like a child until the toy is found. This can go on for an entire day. I can talk to him in complete sentences and he understands what I’m saying. If you know a bully, you understand. Some people would find the way we communicate annoying because he is so stubborn, but I just think it adds to his human qualities which makes him so endearing. I’ve never seen a dog attract so much attention and touch so many people’s lives. This includes our baby niece, my best friend who has five cats and says she hates all dogs except Tonka, and my husband’s grandmother who is terrified of all dogs. Then there is my grandmother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when Tonka was a newborn but always (so far) remembers and loves Tonka. It’s an honor to be his mommy because he brings joy not just to our household but everyone he comes in contact with.