Topher the Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

My husband was never a dog person but when I finally convinced him to a get a dachshund puppy, he instantly fell in love with our little Topher. With his unusually chocolate brown and tan colorings, and his small size, everybody thought that he was a chihuahua puppy! But now he is unmistakably a dachshund, with his love for chasing squirrels, his snuggles, his kisses and of course his doxie stubbornness. He is about 20% playfulness and 80% snuggles. Every morning he runs to our bedroom to find as many socks and underwear as he can and builds a nest with them where he will nap the rest of the day in his dachshund doughnut position. If he can't find socks, he will get something heavier like a pair of jeans which takes him five minutes just to drag down the hallway! I let him get away with it because of his cute look of satisfaction when he has collected his treasures. Topher is the first baby in our family (we're waiting to have kids) so we treat him like our first born son, and our parents spoil him like a grandchild. Topher and I have now successfully converted my husband into a dog lover. Mission accomplished.