Trey the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Trey loves his stuffed toys and pull ropes. Nothing makes him happier than chasing tennis balls and playing tug o' war with his ropes around the back yard. The only thing that gets him more excited is when the sprinklers go off. He might be 7 years old, but when the sprinklers go off he is like a puppy. If a family member is not feeling well or is down in the dumps, he has his little antics that are capable of bringing a smile back to anyone's face. He always had his brother as a playmate up until 2 years ago, and then it was up to his family members to put a smile back on his face. Now he is the happy and playful pup that he once was. The biggest surprise for Trey will come this fall when he gets another golden retriever playmate!