Truman the English Bulldog

Dog Breed: Unknown

Truman's mom says: After Truman, whose dog mother was a champion show dog, was not sold, his owner offered Truman for adoption. Living in Georgia, bulldogs are all the rage so my husband jumped at the chance to take the one-year-old home. Even though Truman was not trained at all and had a horrible fetish for chewing on his mommy's shoes and cars, his lovable nature made it difficult for us to be mad at him for long. He has the most unique personality and wiggles his rear when happy. When he gets overly excited, his shaking rear can cause him to lose control of where he's walking and make him crash into walls. Weighing in at nearly 70 pounds, Truman also thinks he is a lap dog and wants nothing more than to cuddle with you and go to sleep. Truman has become a very well trained pup and impresses others with his friendliness and listening ability; he cannot go anywhere without being adored or yelled at by UGA fans shouting,"Woof, Woof, Woof." Truman is a definite joy to our family and comic relief after a long day of work.