Sunday, July 27, 2014
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Sep 8, 2009 lovely latvian
you are very handsome Tucker, 11 biscuits for you, you big beautiful boy with a very adorable face.....
Sep 8, 2009 tazzysmom
Tucker is such a gentle friend. He is very handsome and BIG. How do you manage to carry him? Wish I could give him a hug.
Sep 8, 2009 tazzysmom
Just had to add this picture, love all the shots of Tucker enjoying the water.
Sep 8, 2009 henri23jessalee
Your sooo adorable, my dog would love to play with u, ur the most gorgeous dog ever lots of xxx and ooo,
Sep 8, 2009 NotBob
Now, how gorgeous is he? A well deserved 11 bikkits and many, many tummy rubs and huggles!
Sep 8, 2009 ECHOBLIZZ
A HANDSOME BOY! What a SWEET & gentle breed, and your Tucker is no exception, I'm sure! Lot's of smooches for this pooch! LOVE THE RIBBON too! TREATS GALORE....
Sep 8, 2009 kdcrazy
Oh my goodness Tucker! Congradulations on Grown Up Puppy! You 101% deserve it, You are absolutley Adorable! I love Bernese Mountain Dogs, they have such gorgeous coats. Tucker is sooo Handsome! Please give him extra treats today for me. Have a Happy, Healthy, and overall Wonderful life together!!!
Sep 8, 2009 HillCountryGal
What a sweet, sweet face.
Sep 8, 2009 daphne's mom
What a gorgeous dog! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! Much love, many biscuits. and lots of hugs for Tucker!
Sep 8, 2009 fritzy
Sep 8, 2009 w102663
Tucker has to be a sweetheart of a guy to befriend the kitties. He exudes sweetness in his facial expressions. Tucker, you get a big belly tickle from me plus tons of hugs, kisses and treats. :O) OOO XXX
Sep 8, 2009 w102663
Sweetness personified!!!
Sep 8, 2009 muzzlenuzzles
I like all of Tucker's photos but in this one, his expression is irresistibly sweet. He's a beautiful boy!
Sep 8, 2009 amyliz
WONDERFUL dog...I just love him!
Sep 8, 2009 wheatie mom
Life is good!! Tucker, you're a happy sweet big dog and we all love you! 100 biscuits from our Tucker to you today on your big Daily Puppy Day.
Sep 8, 2009 toddycat
Tucker, you are gorgeous. You have a gentle nature which shows in this picture. I loved all of your pictures. How does your person carry a big boy like you to the car? Have a wonderful life. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkies for you sweetie.
Sep 8, 2009 ckendall
Tucker is so very handsome!!!! And this picture shows what a gentle loving soul he is!!! Give him a good belly rub for me.
Sep 8, 2009 djmc
Am I not the most handsome dog you have seen , yes Tucker you are. Love you baby, those eyes are soooooooooooooo wonderful and loving. Happy doggie days doin what ever you like. belly rubs and kisses
Sep 8, 2009 AlanaDavis
this looks like a picture from a magazine...its tooo cute for words!!!!!
Sep 8, 2009 gryt
Everybody needs a sidekick. :)
Sep 8, 2009 DoglessInZurich
What a happy Bernese!
Sep 8, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
What a beautiful boy! He looks so very healthy and happy. Obviously you love him very much, and I can see why. His coat is gorgeous with those distinct markings. Keep up the play, Tucker, and you will live a long and healthy life. Lots of tummy rubs and nose kisses for you. a TANKER of biscuits just for you.
Sep 8, 2009 muffin
YAY i LOVE Tucker!! Congrats on being the chosen grown up puppy. This picture has been my desktop background for a whole week !!
Sep 8, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Tucker is very handsome. What a sweet face.
Sep 8, 2009 Freedom's Pet
Tucker, you are gorgeous and you have a beach...I want your life!!! Lots of treats and tummy rubs, and long, healthy happy life with your people.
Sep 8, 2009 sheltie_lover11
Great dog! A google biscuits, friends, kisses, and hugs!
Sep 8, 2009 allmyshelties
Berners two days in a row, yesterday in Puppy of the Day an today, handsome Tucker! I'm in doggie heaven. Look at that face, it'll tell you all you need to know about these wonderful dogs. Wouldn't you do anything for this boy...including carrying him to the car!! (How in the world are you able to do that?!) Thank you for sharing him with us.
Sep 8, 2009 dobielove17
Yay Tucker I knew you would win someday! I'm so glad they picked you :) You are one of my fav doggies in the whole world! No Bernese Mountains are as beautiful as you and your brother :) Tons of hugs & snuggles from Pippin ^_^
Sep 8, 2009 iluvk9s
How cute is this picture!!! Tucker is such a sweetie, the kitten is precious too! Zillions of hugs, kisses and biscuits!
Sep 8, 2009 malawi
Tucker is just adorable! Love him in this pic...his expression ispriceless..but really, he is awesome in very picture
Sep 8, 2009 PepsiCola987
AAAWWWWW,Tucker is SO goin on my favs!! Bernese mountain Dogs are so pretty and Tucker is one ADORABLE boy!! Give hjim a BIG hug and a l-o-n-g bellyrub from me!
Sep 8, 2009 vreddin
love him!! what a sweet gentle giant! my 80lb GSD used to insist she was a lapdog sometimes- i know how good these big dohs can be at convincing you they're just little lovebugs;)
Sep 8, 2009 Oliver & Henry's Mum
Go Tucker!!! What a lovely boy indeed. It was hard to choose just one picture. BMD's are wonderful dogs and I'm sure Tucker is no exception. Enjoy your handsome fellow. Hugs from Oliver & Henry, and their Mum in London, Ontario
Sep 8, 2009 luckyluver4
Congrats Tucker!!! Malia did a great job! You are THE handsomest doggie ever, don't forget it!
Sep 8, 2009 GingerDakota
Tucker! What a fun doggy! It was hard to choose between this pic and the one with you and the kitty. You're having a ball in this one, and that's what all dogs deserve! Frolicking fun. Have a very long and happy life! xoxoxoxo
Sep 8, 2009 Olivia Horman
Tucker you are so so so gorgeous
Sep 8, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Ok.. this is the cutest picture ever! Look at that face! What a sweetie. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 8, 2009 lucybee
You are one magnificent boy!!
Sep 8, 2009 drakes' granny
This is just soooo sweet. Tucker deserves a ton of treats. Look how good he is with the kitties.
Sep 8, 2009 georgia04
Gorgeous, handsome boy. Tucker is a beautiful and radiant. No wonder you fell in love with him. Who could resist such a smile?
Sep 8, 2009 doggone1973
Tucker you are so very handsome, and i can see why your momma was smitten with you. You are gorgeous and look very happy. lots of lovin' always.
Sep 8, 2009 lisalisa
What a gorgeous boy. That face - I just want to kiss it!
Sep 8, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwww who evr took a picture of tucker like that must rally want good pictures.I like him wearing that red ribbon that he had around his neck it looks cute on him.The foster kitty looked so adorable with him.Tucker your a beautiful dog ;).
Sep 8, 2009 kwikwitz
Here is Tucker enjoying a snooze in the sun with a little feline friend! What a gentle giant boy! Tucker you are one beautiful Berner! Keep loving those great beach days! Many belly rubs, biscuits and "cat" naps!
Sep 9, 2009 suelill
Oh Tucker you have to be THE most handsome baby ever. What a gorgeous baby and lovely colouring. Big hugs and cuddles sweetheart.
Sep 9, 2009 alliedog
what a love!
Sep 9, 2009 Beth1226
I love this breed! Tucker is darling. I bet he thinks he's a Lap dog,
Sep 9, 2009 clemency
Awww! Who can resist a big dog with a tiny kitten? So cute, and proof of Tucker's good nature! He is a sweet and handsome boy!
Sep 9, 2009 dankaness
You are sooo beautiful, Tucker, so furry and sweet looking. And so photogenic, you can be a model:). I am sending you warm squeezes and hugs.
Sep 10, 2009 wolfgirl66
Wonderful and Sweet Tucker is very very very very BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 11, 2009 evaliardet
love the pic, tucker! you are so paw-dorable! you deserve a BIG, l o n g belly-rub! treats from NZ ♥
Sep 12, 2009 shortyww22
hes very great pryness kimba also eats alot...but yup I can still carry her as of right now..Lol.I call her my vaccum as she can sweep any type of crumb off the floor..shes great with cats too.I'll bet her and tucker would have a blast together...kisses n hugs for tucker...hope he has a long happy life with you....comment on my kimba and my other dogs please.
Sep 12, 2009 Beagle109
Tucker, you're a sweetie, and I love your pics!
Sep 18, 2009 NicholRay
I absolutely adore him! he is so beautiful! just want to give him lots of hugs and kisses!
Mar 18, 2010 laurar
Your dog is gorgeous!! Is he 100% Bernese? We'd love to find one just like him!
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