Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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Jan 11, 2008 caramel
I don't like eating fish but yours looks really yummy. Tuna, funny name for a dog but it does seem to fit her well, looks like she's got a good sense of humor.
Jan 11, 2008 kool_kat_3
awww what a heart warming story, Tuna is very lucky that you came to her rescue. She looks like a lovely happy dog and of course she is very very beautiful! I hope the happiness continues x
Jan 11, 2008 howiesmom
She definitely looks like a very happy dog!! She's beautiful!! Lucky You!!!
Jan 11, 2008 RaidersMom
What a beauty! I don't understand how people can be so mean but I am glad that your uncle was there to save her! Congrats and many happy years to you all!
Jan 11, 2008 pomtzu
I was really hoping that you would tell us all the one thing you left out about her - how did she come to be named "TUNA"??
Thanks to your uncle for saving this sweet little dog, and to you for giving her such a happy home - and unusual name. :-)
Jan 11, 2008 DogMom
What a lovely tuna you have! She is a gorgeous girl. Enjoy her for many happy healthy years! Her coat looks so soft -- give her some extra pets from me!!!
Jan 11, 2008 zoerosesmom
What a sweet face! Your Uncle was in the right place at the right time, for Tuna's sake! How can people be so cruel?!
She is a beauty - I love her markings. We wish you many happy years together!
Give her a big hug from me and my little Cockapoo Zoe Rose!

OH - Zoe and I would like to know how she got her name...
Jan 11, 2008 simrat101
was she falling or posing anyway she is the cutest dog i have seen
Jan 11, 2008 clemency
I just love Tuna's white paws! She looks so sweet and friendly!
Jan 11, 2008 amc2810
If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was my dog Patch! He's also a Lab/Border Collie mix. He turned 7 in November. I rescued him from a neighbor that kept him tied in the back yard. They were going to take him to the pound because he barked. He has been the best boy and loves my 5 year old daughter. Amazingly he doesn't bark at all now that he gets the love and attention he so desperately needed before! I wish you both many happy years together and bless you for saving him!
Jan 11, 2008 DaveyDog
Maybe it's just as well our lovelies can't speak because their stories could be too heartbreaking. Tuna looks like my kinda' girl! So very happy she's a member of a sensible family. She should certainly fit in with family life and the photos indicate she's brought a whole lot of love and fun along with her. Just a few weeks ago, we adopted an abandoned little girl from our local shelter, and upon taking her to the vet for her spay, discovered at least six little puppies growin' in there! Our dining room is now set up to be a puppy nursery any day now and I give thanks that we came along in time to save the new babies from a cold, sad beginning from an abandoned momma dog. The spay will wait and staff at our vet clinic couldn't be more supportive. Miss Tuna ... you're like a poster girl for pure doggie!! Someone else said on this site that dogs are perfect; it's the humans who need work. Amen.
Jan 11, 2008 Littlemissfit13
I love Tuna! Seems she is having a great time. I love the head stand picture. A real sweaty pie! Her spirit is enormous. Tuna's uncle sounds like a great man .She was fortunate to have a fellow angel watching out for her. I'm sure she pays it forward a million times over unconditionally. Bless your entire family. Many belly rubs to tuna
Jan 11, 2008 iamme
OMG! She is absolutely adorable!!! She is so cute!!! I just wanna hug her!!! :D Awww best life to ya now Tuna!! I love the name!! It's so cute!! :)
Jan 11, 2008 LucyB
My dog's mother was also tossed out of a car,pregnant and after having been shot.Somebody is in for some VERY punishing karma!! Fortunately she survived,albeit with three legs now.She was adopted and I have one of her 12 pups.Bless your uncle for being an angel to this needy baby and bless you for giving her the life she is richly deserves.She's a beauty!
Jan 11, 2008 bopeep
What a story! So happy Tuna didn't have to wander around before she was rescued - thank you Uncle. She is such a pretty girl and love the picture of her standing on her head. Hugs and kisses.
Jan 11, 2008 elliemaesfam
Tuna is gorgeous! She seems to share a lot of the same qualities with our three year old Ellie Mae, including needing to go on a "diet" ;) So glad your uncle saved the little pup before it was too late!
Jan 11, 2008 sylvanbliss
This is a great story! I hope Tuna's savior gets to see her as the featured Grownup Puppy and read the outpouring of lovely comments. He unselfishly did what was best for this amazing being...found her a forever home.

I love Tuna! Never before have I ever seen a dog that would stand on it's head! Best wishes for a long, happy life!
Jan 11, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
Thanks for all the great comments! Tuna's a bit embarrassed to see herself on the internet, but I assure you, she's pleased!
In answer to Pomtzu's question (which I'm sure ALL of you are asking!) Tuna's name is Tuna because originally her name was Luna. We started playing around with the name, calling her Luna Tuna (like Loony Toons) then Tuna, Tunis, Tunisia, and Tuniqui (pronounced Toon-EE-Kee)
Hope that answers your question, and thanks again for the GREAT comments!
Jan 11, 2008 pomtzu
Thanks Tuna's Mom - (Loony Toons - cute)!!
Maybe some tuna in Miss Tuna's puppy diet would take off some of the chunk, but I really don't think she looks chunky at all. Chalk it up to baby fat that she'll outgrow.
Have a wonderful life and many adventures together!
Jan 11, 2008 mling
I really enjoyed reading your story! I am so relieved that there are still people like your uncle out there and he was able to rescue tuna! Tuna is so cute! She looks like she is enjoying life and just happy to be with her family! I wish you many more happy years with Luna Tuna! :D
Jan 11, 2008 stellasmom
She has grown into a very beautiful dog! I love her little white socks. Your uncle is wonderful person for picking her up.
Jan 11, 2008 Daphne's Mom
What a sweetie! Lucky you! I am so glaad you were able to give Tuna a good home. My little girl Daphne is a lab/chow mix. She also thinks she's a lap dog. I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! I LOVE LABS! Many hugs and kisses to you Tuna! Sloppy puppy kisses from my four year old Daphne.
Jan 11, 2008 liz
I wish I could read her story. Am I the only one who has ads covering the left half of it? And on every entry for several weeks now? Anyway...cute!
Jan 11, 2008 ericawagoner
My Jack is a lab / border collie mix - not quite as stocky, but looks similar. He was abandoned at around 5 months and is now also about 3. Jack rolls like that too when we put a cologne sample on the ground - silly pups. They really do make great dogs!
Jan 11, 2008 Queenie145
The look on Tuna's face as she is sitting there, looking into the camera is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. Complete love and devotion. How can anyone toss a puppy out the window? Bless you, and everyone else who rescues a dog.
Jan 11, 2008 Lizanne
Tuna, So glad that you now have a great home with loving parents and kids to play with. Have fun and hope you all enjoy many, many happy years. XXX000 Hugs :) from Elizabeth & Miss Katie =O)
Jan 11, 2008 Brunomom
I love these black and white dogs today. Tuna is lovely. She looks like a real character. Thank you for the wonderful story. Her white socks are cute. Who ever tossed her away must have been an idiot, a real idiot. Thank God your uncle was there to save her and give us all such pleasure. When I check out the dailypuppy from work, ads cover the screen, but so far - not at home, thank Goodness.
Jan 11, 2008 Mummm
What a doll! I'm SO glad that your uncle rescued her. I also LOVE her name.
Jan 11, 2008 Terry C
People who mistreat animals should be horsewhipped and then put in the stocks with a big sign that says "I Am Cruel To Animals" around their necks.

I would be most happy to have the horse manure and rotten tomatoes concession for those events.

This is a most beautiful dog.
Jan 12, 2008 jillieorama
What a tale to tell! It broke my heart to hear that ths gorgeous girl was thrown out of a car. Sometimes I just can't understand people's cruelty. How could anyone... I work at a vet clinic, and I come home n tears every day, but what makes it worth it is people like your uncle, like yourself, who make the happy endings for innocent animals like Tuna. Thank you for rescuing her and for sharing this story. God bless you, and may you have many more happy years with this delightful girl!
Jan 19, 2008 laurie erickson
What a cutie!! and Tuna is an original name!... as for her story here again it shows that our furry little friends can be and are alot nicer than some people!!.... A big Thankyou ot your uncle and a huge HURRAY for you all for taking her in and lovin her to bits!!... she deserves many belly rubs and puppy kisses!!!
Mar 23, 2008 sarah calvert
Thank goodness Tuna has you! Poor little puppy that she was. I am so pleased she now has her lovely forever family, and a wonderful uncle. Tuna is beautiful!
Bless you all.
Million biscuits for Tuna!
Mar 23, 2008 sarah calvert
Thank goodness Tuna has you! Poor little puppy that she was. I am so pleased she now has her lovely forever family, and a wonderful uncle. Tuna is beautiful!
Bless you all.
Million biscuits for Tuna!
Apr 15, 2008 gary
Tunas Mom. Just gave Tuna 11 Biscuits. Lovely Lovely Fur baby.
Apr 15, 2008 doggymommy
I love the "I'm standing on my head" photo!! 11 million biscuits, she's such a cutie.
Oct 7, 2008 Lilismom
Wow, I am Lilis Mom, I am amazed how much she looks like our baby, Lile, she is also a Black lab/Border collie mix, about 6 yrs old. She is so loving and adorable. She is very luckly to have been found by someone who loves her in return. Take a look at our Lili lus page and you'll see what I mean.
Mar 16, 2011 janevm
thanks to your photo of Tuna, I can determine that Lizzy is the same--they are almost identical! And the best dog I've ever had the pleasure of living with.
Nov 2, 2012 dee81
She is soooo cute, one of the nicest dogs I've EVER seen! She really looks like my dog Trickster. So lovely and cuddly especially in the 2nd photo. Would love to know how she is doing now?
Feb 24, 2014 /ORLANDOEL
perfect mix
Apr 25, 2014 Shellie Rowe
Looks just like my dog Harland!
Apr 25, 2014 Shellie Rowe
such a beauty… check out Harland …THey look like twins
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