Tuna, the Labrador and Border Collie Cross

Dog Breed: Border Collie / Labrador Retriever

Tuna's mom says: Tuna is a three year old Labrador and Border Collie Mix. Her third birthday just came recently, and she still thinks of herself as a puppy! Tuna's first adoptive parent was my uncle. She has quite a story, so here it is: One day my uncle was driving on the highway in Alaska, and was horrified to see the car in front of him slow down, and toss out a little pup (Tuna) on the side of the road. My uncle, being the kind-hearted sort that he is, came to Tuna's rescue. Tuna and my Uncle traveled from Alaska to California until they got to our house.At first, my uncle had no intention of finding Tuna a new home. However, as my uncle is a bachelor who was traveling at the time, he was convinced by the family that we had a much better home to offer the growing pup. Tuna's new family has a couple of kids and plenty of room to play. Tuna loves her Uncle, and she's so glad that he wanted the best for her. Tuna has the sweetest disposition, loving everyone to the extent that nearly every guest wants to take her home with them! Tuna's favorite activities include: playing in the creek, swimming, cuddling (She thinks she's a lap-dog!), dinner-time, catching snowballs, sleeping on her back (with her feet in the air!) snoring, and standing on her head. She has some peculiar habits such as snorting at people to tell them that she loves them, and whenever there is fun to be had, she will usually run off to the other part of the house and come back with her toy, just so that "Kong" won't be left out! Tuna loves her two feline sisters immensely, and would love to cuddle and play with them, but they always act a bit standoffish toward her... She'll keep trying! Ps. You may've noticed that in some of the pictures Tuna looks a bit - chunky, but just to let you know, she's currently on a little "puppy diet," and her weight has gone down very well!