Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Aug 18, 2009 Lorenn
What a cutie Ulli is! Such an interesting mix, too! 11 bones for you, Ulli. :) Happy to see you were found and cared for.
Aug 18, 2009 georgia04
I am so thrilled Ulli made Daily Puppy. She totally deserves it! Big hugs for Ulli. :)
Aug 18, 2009 pupfanatic
Now THIS pic is do die for. Oh, Ulli, you've gotten into a few bad times? Well, my sweetheart, they are over now, and I know your owners give you NOTHING but love constantly, right? (They better:)!) Cheddar cheese? My dogs, too. Good taste you have there. You are SUCH a beautiful girl; I would just love to kiss you and hug you all day. Nothing but comfort and joy to you, my precious.
Aug 18, 2009 iluvk9s
What a pretty girl!!! Such a sweet face. Give her many bites of cheddar cheese!!!
Aug 18, 2009 kady
what a beautiful face she has.Very sweet.
Aug 18, 2009 kdcrazy
Yay Ulli!!! I knew you should be daily puppy! Please give him lots of love, treats, and belly rubs for me! Have a happy, healthy life together. Congrats!
Aug 18, 2009 TummyTickler
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW what a lovely girl!!! Thank you for adopting her and giving her love & kindness. She is an interesting mix of breeds with beautiful eyes. Take care sweetheart and don't eat too much cheese!!!! Love, cuddles & tummy tickles from Zoey and I.
Aug 18, 2009 kerryllr
Sweet little imp - she looks like a whole lot of fun!
Aug 18, 2009 Beagle109
Ulli, you're sweet, and I'm so glad you were rescued. You look very happy in your pictures.
Aug 18, 2009 djmc
Ulli you are a beauty, So glad you found your family with loads of love. love ya baby, many hugs and kisses
Aug 18, 2009 HillCountryGal
Ulli, hope you get to spend lots of warm summer days on your boat. Glad some people thought enough of you and your litter mates to bring you to the U.S. and give you an opportunity for a secure loving home.
Aug 18, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Ulli is a real cutie! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Aug 18, 2009 amyliz
Cute litle Ulli, I'm glad your story has a happy ending! Sending loads of belly rubs and cheddar cheese your way!
Aug 18, 2009 ckendall
What a cutie with such a sweet face!!!!!!!!!
Aug 18, 2009 daphne's mom
How cute! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years together! I'm so glad you gave Ulli a froever home! Much love, many biscuits, and lots of hugs for Ulli!
Aug 18, 2009 toddycat
Beautiful Ulli, I'm so glad that you have a happy life after such a rough start. You are such an interesting combination of dog breeds. Please continue to have a wonderful life. Tons of hugs, kisses, tummy rubs, and bikkies for you sweetie.
Aug 18, 2009 BuddyGoodBoy
What a Hamesome dog!
Aug 18, 2009 gryt
Awww what a sweetie. :)
Aug 18, 2009 lilyb
Ulli is beautiful girl. So happy she is safe now and has the wonderful forever home she deserves with lots and lots of cheddar cheese.
Aug 18, 2009 Freedom's Pet
"And this is my boat"...You've come a long way, Baby!! I'm glad you've found a loving forever family. Lots of treats and tummy rubs, and a long, healthy and happy life for lovely Ulli!!
Aug 18, 2009 kian
She is a sweet girl and a very lucky dog to have you!
Aug 18, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
A precious gift! Ulli is just the face of love. I can see in her eyes that she adores her human. What a great ending to a HORRIBLE beginning! Thanks for the rescue, and being there for her. Sending kisses for that sweet face and a BIG BLOCK of cheddar for her tummy. A million virtual biscuits too.
Aug 18, 2009 allmyshelties
Beautiful Ulli looks like Miss Personality for sure. What a great girl you have and what a great family she found. Blessings (and cheese) to all!!
Aug 18, 2009 Cloiethepuppy
cute, veery cute :) :)
Aug 18, 2009 doggone1973
Ulli is a cutie, that expression are her face would be hard to say no to. lots of hugs and kisses.
Aug 18, 2009 fritzy
CUTE!!! :)
Aug 18, 2009 w102663
Ulli looks so pretty in the snow. I hope your litter-mates got a loving home like you did, Ulli:O) Wishing you lots of Cheddar Cheese to nibble on..... OOO XXX
Aug 18, 2009 w102663
This is the picture that should have come up with my comment....don't know what happened?????
Aug 18, 2009 w102663
Oh no...there was a delay with the picture coming up...must be my computer!
Aug 18, 2009 GingerDakota
Dear little Ulli was a street urchin? Oh, no! I'm glad you have a loving home now, Sweetie. How precious you are. xoxoxoxoxo
Aug 18, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
Ulli is a sweet heart!
Aug 18, 2009 lucybee
What a lovely girl.How cute to see Lab and chihuahua in one face.I can tell she is a sweet girl.Happy boating!
Aug 18, 2009 malawi
That is one unusual mix of breeds, but Ulli carries it well! Lovely and very cute little girl
Aug 18, 2009 wolfgirl66
Precious Lilli is very pretty and I hope she has a very long and wonderful life!!!!!!!
Aug 18, 2009 puppy world#1
Awww whst so cute eyes and very cute name that fits him.I dont think he is mixed with a chiuahah weel lab only that part.Aw she like cheddar cheese most dogs love any kind of cheese good thing you found him he must love you guys.
Aug 18, 2009 Beth1226
Ulli is a lucky girl to have been rescued from the street and then to end up in a loving home where she gets to go boating (and sleep in a warm safe bed and gets fed every day and is loved beyond measure). She's such a cutie!
Aug 18, 2009 *Addie_Lover*
This pic of Ulli i love it!!It isjust so darlined!You totally deserved to be on here!The pic of Ulli on the boat!They were all vey cute!!:)
Aug 18, 2009 lizanne
Ulli is a beautiful snow dog. I love how he looks in the snow. So happy you have a good home. You deserve it. Hugs and kisses from Cooper, Katie, and their Mom Elizabeth in NY~
Aug 18, 2009 Coinshop
Ulli has an adorable face. How expressive!
Aug 19, 2009 evaliardet
Ulli you are sooo paw-dorable!!! you deserve a BIG, l o n g belly rub! treats from NZ ♥
Aug 19, 2009 clemency
What a unique mix Ulli is! It is a good mix, though--she has the cutest face! And her huge brown eyes are amazing and beautiful!
Aug 20, 2009 sheltie_lover11
What a sweetie pie! Big hugs and smooches for this 100% cutie!
Aug 21, 2009 shortyww22
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