Ursa the German Shepherd

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Ursa was a breed rescue, bottle fed for the first few days when we got her just under four weeks old (her siblings sold off even younger). That halting start has had no long-term effect--she grew like a mushroom in the forest, and is bigger than most males of her breed. She loves to roll in the cool grass, smile and supervise our cooking. She loves going in the car to Grandma's (where she gets homemade beef jerky) or watching movies at home, with oranges and peanuts to snack on. She's a lovely girl, who wins over all those who initially fear her because of her breed and rather large frame. She's a teddy bear in reality, who makes friends wherever she goes. At seven, she's a mature girl with the heart of a puppy!

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wolfgirl66 Jul 8, 2011
Beautiful Ursa looks very very happy &...

colas Jul 8, 2011
Ursa you are a gorgeous girl. So happy you found a great home. Lots...

princelover Jul 8, 2011
What a beautiful girl and a great story of a happy ending rescue. I...

alinazacc Jul 8, 2011
Ursa you are beautiful!!

jcwren Jul 8, 2011
She's a great looking girl. May you have many more happy years...

Mmmousemaid Jul 8, 2011
What a dame! So she likes to go to grandmother's house, eh, hee...

goldenlover Jul 8, 2011
Classic beauty ! Wonderful story from start to present day. Good for...

amyliz Jul 8, 2011
Beautiful Ursa, you are a very special girl! Many more happy and...

daphne's mom Jul 8, 2011
Hoe beautiful! I hope you have many happy and healthy years...

Puppy Power Jul 8, 2011
Ursa, you are beautiful girl! Many years of happiness, love, and fun...

WATERDOG Jul 8, 2011
Such a big, beautiful girl! I see she recently had her 7th Birthday!...

Luckylady Jul 8, 2011
Beautiful Ursa! Rescues are the best! Many happy years with your...

drakes' granny Jul 8, 2011
Ursa is beautiful. Sounds like a lovely girl. You can see the love...

chelsearosebud Jul 8, 2011
Ursa major. Ursa minor .... it doesn't matter. You are a lovely...

BeautyLover Jul 8, 2011
I am SO in love with this beautiful girl - Ursa, you are so special.

The Raven Jul 8, 2011
Ursa, the bear, is absolutely lovely, A wonderful representative of...

w102663 Jul 8, 2011
Ursa, you are beautiful! I'm sure you are the sweet great doggy...

virgilsmama Jul 8, 2011
Ursa is certainly a gorgeous girl and there is so much love and...

CBD Jul 8, 2011
Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous!

ilovedaisy Jul 8, 2011
Regal, majectic and simply beautiful. What a stunning girl you are!

cane corso Jul 8, 2011
One big, beautiful girl! Thanks for sharing her with us!

Coinshop Jul 8, 2011
Ursa grew up to be a beauty!

Critter Crazy Jul 8, 2011
What a gorgeous girly! I can see where she would quickly win a...

Cindylu001 Jul 8, 2011
What a magnificent girl, Ursa! You're just beautiful. Many happy...

clemency Jul 8, 2011
Ursa, you are a beautiful, elegant dog!

allmyshelties Jul 8, 2011
What a beautiful smile you have Ursa. I hope you are always a puppy...

dogsrus570 Jul 8, 2011
Queen Ursa you are a regal girl. Many happy, healthy years to you,...

Snowdoggies Jul 8, 2011
What a beautiful touching story! Ursa you are a gogeous grown up girl!

pandrews-4 Jul 8, 2011
Ursa you are so beautiful! You might have had a rough start in life...

LePenguin Jul 8, 2011
What a happy, happy girl!

2added2ours Jul 8, 2011

2added2ours Jul 8, 2011
She looks SOOOO muck like our girl! Love the variety in her diet!

shortyww22 Jul 8, 2011
Ursa, you are a Beautiful glad you're family adopted you...

Jose Jul 8, 2011
Ursa your soooooooooooooooo cute I hope that you have a great life....

ceo Jul 8, 2011
Beautiful shepherd!

UrsaDad Jul 8, 2011
Thanks, everyone, for your kind comments. Back then, I was planning...

pirosred Jul 9, 2011
Ursa is such a beautiful girl! Wonderful rescue story and so glad she...

malawi Jul 9, 2011
What a very lovely girl Ursa is..glad you took her in

Bearry42 Jul 9, 2011
Ursa you are a beautiful girl.I bet you are a good protector of your...

guerrero's grandma Jul 9, 2011
Ursa, you are one gorgeous girl with a beautiful smile, I just love...

wolfgirl66 Jul 9, 2011

bluegigi Jul 10, 2011
Ursa is stunning, simply stunning. Such a beautiful creature and so...

mychiensr1 Jul 11, 2011
Ursa is so beautiful! I love her beautiful ears:-). XOXOXO!

MaryG Jul 14, 2011
I love you Ursa!

dwf1313 Jul 15, 2011
My baby girl is just so adorable, even during her goofy momments.