Vienna the Australian Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd / Mixed

Vienna has traveled abundantly, from Arizona to Seattle, Washington and then to Syracuse, New York. Vienna has also made occasional trips to Mexico, pausing under strangers' beach umbrellas and swimming in Gulf of California to stay cool. Needless to say, she loves a good road trip. Vienna's life has not been without adventure. When she's not sneaking up onto her mom's bed to take a nap, you can find her out on the trail, as she hikes regularly with her mom and friends. Vienna also loves a good swim. She looks for any reason to get in, including sticks floating down a river and ducks. But Vienna stays on the side of caution as she's never been one to dive in, choosing to use the stairs in a swimming pool. Other interests include squirrels, grungy tennis balls, puddles, and games of hide-and-go-seek with her mom.