Wall-E the Beagle

Dog Breed: Beagle

Wall-E was given to us when he was six months old by a lady that couldn't take care of him any more. We were told he had been abused before she got him but it took him very little time to get used to us. Now he just wants to cuddle with us on the couch and play all day. He is very lovable and friendly. He loves chasing after dogs at the park and doing tricks for treats. He can be very vocal, especially when he wants your attention or he hears a strange noise. Wall-E has come a long way from what he was before. He was not completely house trained and now Wall-E knows how to sit, jump, lay down, play dead, speak and give high fives, and he is completely house trained! He is very smart! Wall-E has come to be a part of our small family and he has earned a very special place in our hearts.