Wall E the Terrier Mix

Dog Breed: Terrier

Hi my name is Wall-E, yes just like the movie! I was about 2 months old when my parents adopted me from the humane society in San Diego. My parents still don't know what I am besides terrier mix. I've got the energy of a Jack Russell, with a half soft, half wiry coat and only just a splash of curly hair on the top of my head, and large Mickey Mouse ears! I have lots of energy and love to play ball and hide and seek. I also love to run in the park with my friends. Sometimes though I forget to be a good boy and have chewed up books, papers, and boxes but my parents can't stay mad too long because I'll snuggle up next to them to melt their anger away. A few months ago I graduated from puppy training class, and I'll start intermediate level very soon.