Wesley the West Highland Terrier

Dog Breed: Unknown

Wesley's mom says: Wesley... aka Wes is an almost 2yr old Westie (he will be celebrating his 2nd birthday this month). A white fur ball of love, Wes enjoys to spend his days lounging around, playing fetch, and being the horse show dog for the Ball State Equestrian Team. He loves to stay up late playing with his jolly ball and sleeping in any chance he gets. Wes loves to have lazy days but will be up for a game of fetch at any moment. The love of everyone's life, especially his moms!, he is not your ordinary Westie. He is more laid back than any 2 year old dog that I have ever meet. A real charmer and heart stealer, he is (wo)man's best friend! Wes is looking for a very special lady to spend his Valentine's Day with