Willa The Adoptable Grown Up Puppy

Dog Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Willa von Wiesbaden is a beautiful 18 month old German Shepherd. She is the mother of one of the most beautiful litters we have had. The pups have all left home and it is Willa's turn to find her forever home. She is house broken. She is in a foster home with an 11 year old girl and is devoted. She is uncomfortable around really small children so older ones are best. Willa knows some of her commands and is very smart and learns quickly. She loves nothing more than to chase squirrels and little things that run, so no cats or bunnies. She needs someone with some German Shepherd experience because she can be strong on the leash. With an alpha pack leader Willa is well behaved. She is a character and very clever. Half her litter was across the street at a neighbors once they reached 6 weeks. Willa wasn't sure she liked the situation, she opened a door and went across the street to check on her babies. She sat by the front door until someone noticed her, actually work men next door yelled to the neighbor that the mama was at the door. She cleaned everyone and nursed them but then was ready to go back to her foster home and her other pups, so she waited at the door until someone walked her home. Once she had checked on the pups she was fine, she didn't need to check them again. Willa has lots of personality and will be a joy to any new family. If you are interested in adopting Willa please visit: and fill out an adoption application!