Willow the Bluetick / Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Willow's mom says: Willow is a bluetick coonhound / beagle cross that we adopted at the local shelter six years ago. Two years ago, we also adopted Ivy, a five-year-old greyhound. Because one is a scent hound and the other a sight hound, everyone told us they would eat our bunny, Sam, and run away if ever let off a leash -- generalizations that with careful training and slow conditioning, we proved wrong. Sam died a natural death at eight years old, having spent all her life convinced she was another dog. Willow and Ivy have a daily free run with me on our farm's six kilometers of trails, where I ride, walk, and ski with my girls. We see deer, coyote, and other animals, but both dogs have been trained not to chase. Willow comes to the barn with me in the evenings, supervising the horses, feeding, and helping me round up the goats. Her favorite game is catching cloth Frisbees, and when she has had enough, she gathers all three in her mouth and ends the game. Her only challenge is curbing excessive enthusiasm when greeting people, but how can anyone condemn enthusiasm?