Willow the Retriever Mix

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever

Meet Willow, our little Golden Retriever/ Black Lab mix. Willow's pregnant mamma was rescued from a Southern kill shelter by The Small Miracles Animal Rescue in Maryland. This not-so-little girl has a gigantic personality to match her huge, floppy ears and paws. When we met Willow, she was only 6 weeks old and instantly fell in love. Those 2 weeks of waiting was the longest 2 weeks of our lives! Willow loves to play and wrestle with her big sister Emma. They absolutely adore each other; it is a lot of fun to watch Willow follow Emma around and snuggle up with her, or pounce when she thinks Emma isn't watching. Willow is such a chatter box and is definitely not afraid to let herself be heard. Our little girl is always so happy and smiling that it's hard to be mad at her, even when she chews a hole in your favorite blouse or shoes. She is such a joy and we just can't imagine life without our little baby. We are so blessed for the work that shelters like Small Miracles do to save deserving animals and give them the forever home they deserve.