Wrigley the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

This is Wrigley! He's a dog of many quirks. He loves people food and begs for any bit of food he sees, but always does so with a polite "please." He loves swimming in the pool, especially after long walks on warm days! He's got quite the repertoire of tricks, and will do most anything for a treat. Birthdays and Santa are very special to him--those two words mean presents! And he's got a bit of a fetish for freshly used towels after a shower--but we love him!

Comments (18)
happypup May 9, 2014
Both these pups are beautiful! Lovely picture of the two.

goldenlover May 9, 2014
Surveying his Kingdom ! Sounds like a great dog and sure is handsome....

Economist May 9, 2014
Let's see: a pool, fresh towels - great spa you are running here...

barb1926 May 9, 2014
A beautiful and loving face.And smart too.

lucybee May 9, 2014
Every Labs second favorite place.The most favorite is IN the pool.

Abiglen May 9, 2014
I know what you're thinking, Wrigley! ;o) Labs are among the...

schotime May 9, 2014
Wrigley is most awesome!

schotime May 9, 2014
Wrigley is most awesome!

janet weir May 9, 2014
Wrigley you look just like my Cujo! You are just as adorable as he...

Mmmousemaid May 9, 2014
Wrigley is a beautiful dog. He has a noble look to him and he is...

Rastaman May 9, 2014
"OK, that was enough playing for now, I think I will just relax...

bluegigi May 9, 2014
Just waiting for a hot, super hot sunny day to jump in the pool! Cuz...

daphne's mom May 9, 2014
So cute! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years together!...

jl1 May 9, 2014
Ah, the nose knows. Beautiful Wrigley.

drakes' granny May 9, 2014
Wrigley is a handsome boy. His little friend is adorable, they make...

chelsearosebud May 9, 2014
Wrigley, You are a beautiful, gorgeous boy! SIMPLY THE BEST! XOXO...

Cindylu001 May 9, 2014
Wrigley (love your name), you're a noble looking boy, helping...

amyliz May 9, 2014
Wrigley, you are so handsome, sweet, funny and all=around awesome!...