Wylie the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

This is my beautiful dog Wylie. When she was a puppy, she was such a handful! I worked with her every day, using only positive training methods. She responded amazingly well. I loved training her, teaching her, and seeing her rapid progress. She has evolved into a wonderful friend and companion whom I love with all my heart and soul. She is so smart. She knows all the obedience hand signals and voice commands, plus many, many others. She can bow at my feet and "talk to the moon" on command. She fetches her tennis ball like a demon. She swims in the big waves at Virginia Beach with wild abandon. She can distinguish and identify about 20 toys by name; she listens like she is almost human. She inspired me to go on to help others achieve this incredible relationship with their canine companions. I have since studied to become a certified professional dog trainer and now enjoy teaching others how to teach their dogs. She is simply amazing!