Xeba the Australian Bulldog

Dog Breed: Unknown

Xeba's parents say: We first looked into the Australian bulldog breed as we love the looks and nature of the British bulldogs but not the health problems associated with the breed. The breed has been around for close to ten years now. Xeba is 81% British bulldog and the remainder boxer and bull mastiff. This is to help knock out some of the health problems that are common to the breed. When we first saw her in a picture at just four weeks of age, it was love at first sight. She was one of ten in her litter and the only black and white one. She loves to play and is always up for a game of fetch or to play with her best bud, Booger the pug. She loves to meet new people and always greets every one with an excited wiggle and a big smile on her face. When it comes to dinner time, she eagerly waits and then devours every last bit of her food as fast as she can then goes looking for more in the hope someone will give in to her pleading brown eyes. She loves to sleep and snuggle between us on the couch, where she gracefully flops and starts to snore straight away.