Yeppy from the Philippines

Dog Breed: Unknown

Yeppy's mom says: Yeppy is a Philippine Native Dog. She loves to eat (alot!) which is what is so endearing about her. After meals, she makes her rounds among the other dogs' dishes (3 others in our home) to double check if there are any left overs. Despite cleaned out dishes, she pins down each bowl with her paw inside the dish and licks the inside and out. She does this about 2-3 times until she's convinced there's no more taste left. Her favorite foods include local delicacies like pandesal (soft rolls), bibingka (rice pudding) and cheese ice cream (only in the Philippines). She's also crazy about fruits: banana, mangoes and apples. Her active eating habit does mark her high on the scale but that does not prevent her from sprinting across the park daily, her favorite activity (next to eating). She's smart, lovable and exudes exotic canine beauty. She's among the world's finest!