Zoey the Shih Tzu / Poodle

Dog Breed: Unknown

Zoey's mom says: I am so thankful for Zoey, because my two other little girls moved out of the house to go to college and she keeps me company. She loves to go for walks, which helps to keep me active and exercising. Zoey is such a sweetheart; she has a gentle little tongue that she licks me with and she absolutely loves to cuddle! Zoey loves to go on rides in the car; she sits on my lap with her head out of the window, her ears flapping in the breeze. She loves to go play at the park; she always sprints back and forth across the grass. She also loves to run straight into flocks of birds to scatter them about. Zoey is a little princess; all she needs is a crown to complement her pink rhinestone collar. This little doggy is truly my best friend.