Zoie the Basset Hound

Dog Breed: Basset Hound

Zoie's mom says: Zoie Ann is an eight-year-old basset hound. I got her for my 13th birthday. It was one of those dreams come true. I had been asking for a dog since forever and finally I got one. She has grown up with me and has made my life a real joy. She truly is "a girl's best friend." She loves to play tag around the house not only with me but with her boyfriend Buford. Although she is grey and old, she is still a crazy, playful puppy at heart. She really has been a great dog. She is the most well mannered and trained basset I have known (besides the occasional whining at the dinner table, but honestly, could you blame her?). She was probably the cutest puppy ever! I would have to carry her to the candy store because she would get to tired. But as she and I grew up together, she learned to keep up with me. Still to this day, she keeps the whole family alive with her silly personality.