Zylyen the Schnauzer/Poodle Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Zylyen's dad says: Zylyen is a miniature schnoodle. He is one unique dog to say the least. Born in Alabama, he took his first plane ride to Connecticut at eight weeks and became an immediate local celebrity. Raised by his cat, Velcro, he can do most things that cats can, as well as dog things. He earned his Canine Good Companion certification at the age of six months, the youngest in the history of the AKC. Fast learner, fast runner, even faster eater. He just turned three December 4 and is full of life and fun. He can bring his toys back by their names and knows sign language as well as voice commands. He will be joining the local chapter of the Healing Hounds and be working in the hospital, bringing joy and a wagging tail to all that need a good laugh or warm snuggle. For his second birthday he got a mohawk and impressed everyone with his fashion sense. Often confused with a little black sheep in between haircuts, he is one great dog.