Puppies: Keeper Nikita Tyson, KinKade Deigo Tyson aka Kade, Toby Oliver Tyson, Mac Gray Tyson, Phantom Tyson Shadow


Profile: I love animals. I hope to one day open an animal shelter. I know I can't save them all but no one said I couldn't try. I have four dogs of my own which are all rescues. Their names are Kade, Mac, Toby and Keeper. All my dogs have three names just like me. One of their middle names are Tyson because my first dog's middle name was Tyson and when I lost him I promised him that any dog I owned would have the middle name Tyson in his honor.

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Keeper Nikita Tyson

Keeper Nikita Tyson

Hi I'm Keeper. I was given to my mom by some people in her neighborhood. The people weren't the nicest so mommy took me in. She said I reminded her of her first dog Phantom and even though everyone else at home said I should find another home, mommy couldn't bare to give me up. I am now a little over a year old but I still act like a puppy. Mommy calls me her big beautiful girl. I love to smile and play with my brothers Toby and Kade but I play too rough for Mac. Mostly I just annoy Kade. He doesn't like me very much but puts up with me. I always welcome any new friends. Well glad you stopped by. Thanks for reading about me.

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KinKade Deigo Tyson aka Kade

KinKade Deigo Tyson aka Kade

The names KinKade but you can call me Kade. My human mom rescued my dog mom from the pound. Boy was she in for a surprise when one day she felt us kick in Princess' stomach. I had five siblings and they are all girls! Just my luck right? While I was in Princess' stomach Mom use to talk to her belly. Everytime she said the name Kade I would move so she thought that was pretty neat. Me and my human mom are inseperatable. I tend to get jealous very easy but what can I say I just love her that much. I live with my dad Mac and adopted brother and sister Toby and Keeper. I always wanted a little brother and I was so happy when Mom got Toby. Keeper, well, she's just Keeper. Anyway thanks for stopping by and getting to know me.

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Toby Oliver Tyson

Toby Oliver Tyson

Hello my name is Toby. Mama found me wondering around in her yard. I was scared of her at first but when she dropped down on her knees and called me I came running. It was a good thing to because a few minutes later a hay truck came down the road and I tried to pull away and chase the hay that fell off the back. Mama looked for my home but nobody ever called or claimed me. I fit in to the pack so well that she decided to keep me. I'm stll a little scared of strangers and I really don't seem to like men but we're working on that. Mama named me Toby after the dog in The Great Mouse Dectective. I didn't like the name Edgar. I love it at home with my family. Keeper and me play fight all the time and when another dog is mean to me Kade always protects me. Mac and I have some problems to work out though but we like each other okay. Thanks for getting to know me. I'd love to have you as a friend. As Mama says the more the merrier.

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Mac Gray Tyson

Mac Gray Tyson

I'm Mac. I use to live on the streets as Rusty. I belonged to a man but he didn't let me in the house. I was getting into fights with other dogs all the time. Rebecca would try to get me to come in the house but I was too scared. Eventually I started coming inside but because I didn't belong to her she couldn't keep me. One day I got into a really bad fight with some of the other neighborhood dogs. I was hurt badly and was bleeding. I came to Rebecca for help. She brought me inside and cleaned my wounds. She said that was the last time she was going to let me run around. She got her friend to ask my old owner if she could keep me. He had seen how much I loved Rebecca and said that as long as she took good care of me she could have me. I've been living with her ever since. I like that I get to be with my kids, Kade, Ginger, and Glory and my wife Princess. No more streets for me. No more cold nights or going hungry. I get to live indoors, always have food and a warm place to sleep. (And I don't like my picture being taken so I don't have very many)

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Phantom Tyson Shadow

Phantom Tyson Shadow

In Loving MemoryIn Loving Memory

For my 12th birthday I wanted a dog and we had moved again and were allowed to have pets. I had always wanted one that was my own and not my family's. So my mom took me to the pound to look around. I had my back turned to him and he barked just once and when I saw him I knew he was the one. He was a German Shepherd/Greyhound mix(I think). The day was May 17, 2004. He's name was Tyson but I changed it to Phantom. I kept Tyson as one of his middle names though. (I promised him that every dog I owned that would have the middle name Tyson). He was my best friend. He helped me with a lot of my problems and was very, very smart. (He knew the door handle opened the door and would try to bite it and open it. He's done a lot more if you wanna hear some stories I'll be happy to tell you.) Well, we moved and he loved the country. He met Princess (Kade's mom) and ran up and down our fence line with her. One day Princess wasn't at the fence and he got out while I was at school. My mom called for him but he didn't come. So she went in the house and that's when she heard him. The driver of the truck was going a lot faster than he should have and didn't even slow down. That was September 25th, 2007. To me that's Phantom's Day and I go and visit his grave and give him flowers. I haven't been the same since. My mom said that's why I have so many dogs. Because I'm trying to fill up that empty space he left. I think that's true. It will never be filled. I wrote two songs about him and I'm planning on writing a book about him next. Phantom Tyson Shadow was just three years old.

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