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Profile: I am an about to be once again single woman with her 3 dogs. I just lost 1 of my beloved dogs a couple of days ago. Wendy. And this group here was a life saver to me.

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I rescued her from 2nd Chance Rescue a little over 2 yrs ago. They told me she was an afghan mix, after taking her to my vet the following day, turns out she is a Labradoodle. Althought to me those "Designer breeds" are still Mutts. She is down right goofy. Never in a hurry, not even if you hold a treat, kind of like "I'll get there when I get there". The whole neighborhood has falledn in love with her. She and 5 other puppies were thrown over someones fence, she was pretty scared when she came here. Nothing remains of the dog that initially walked thru those doors. She went home on June 8th at 3pm after a very long and hard weekend. My heart is broken, but at least she is no longer in pain.

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Ellie is the Matriarch of the family. She is almost 10. Last year she had a very rough year health wise. She lost site in her left eye and we had to go as far as surgery to deaden the nerve and drain the viscus fluid behind her eye, because it was full of infection. Our vet said in 30+ yrs this was only the 3rd time he had ever seen that. Her eye almost exploded. She spend weeks on eye drops and anti biotics as well as apin medication, but it has not slowed her down. Unless you approach her from the left. Matter of fact, at her last check up last week, the vet says her eye looks so good that are no plans for any further surgery to remove what is left of the eye.

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Gracie was the youngest till this past weekend. She is almost 7 this year. Ghee, how time flies. I got her form a puppy mill that I helped shut down after we rescued another dog who belongs to my daughter. Gracie is about as highstrung as they come. She is the one who gets all the other dogs to bark and charge at the fence. We've tried Anti-Bark collars. she barks, it shocks her, she yelps and then goes right back to barking. Our vet keeps reminding me that she IS a terrier, but ghee, I don't need to know someone 6 blocks away has passed gas. But she is an awesome watch dog. Only medical thng with her, after she was spayed, she burst every internal stitch. Ouch!

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She is the newcomer. She is about 6 wks old and a mix of black lab and blue heeler. So, if anybody can tell me some things about blue heelers, I'd appreciate it. She is something else, has to be near Mommy all the time. And the last 3 nights, got me up at 1:30am cause she has to go potty. So, I've been rather exhausted. I have noticed that she wants to mouth every thing, more then any other puppy I've ever had, but she has a very sweet disposition and fits right in. I am a sucker..LOL..after training her and making sure she was housebroken, I gave her to a family with a little girl, who so badly wanted "a doggie". I believe we have to pay it forwards. That mom would not have been able to afford a trained dog nor the time to train one. They are a good family and the little girl walks her.

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The pic is Sammy with her "little" big sister Gracie. Another one of Gods creatures "surrendered" or thrown away like trash. She also came from 2nd Chance Rescue like Wendy. So far I have learned that she never had a lot of room to just run. She loves it. Gets along with the other two. She is not a replacement for Wendy, but another little soul that needs love and a forever home. Since she is pretty new here, she is my shadow, but I am sure with time and a bit more of security on her behalf, this too shall pass. One thing I am not sure that will go away, she is scared of men. I had my son, Mike approach her yesterday. She will let him near if he comes from the side, as most dogs who are scared. I am sure she can sense that something had happened here, but she will not pay for it. So, I have to restrain myself from spoiling her, cause it would not help her in the longrun. 07/12/10 Got in touch with her old vet, at least the one on her tag. I needed to know for sure if she ws spayed. She acted like it, but the shelter had said she was not, well, turns out she IS spayed. So, I was asking about allergies, you know stuff I should be aware of. And I get the shock of a lifetime. Last time they heard from the "previous" owner was in Dec '09. And you will never believe for what, a SEIZURE!!!! At least that's what the owner thought. Since they would not bring her in, the vet is not sure if it was a seizure or she just fainted. I told the tech what I just went through with Wendy and after she extented her condolences she said " For her it's the best place, sadly you have experience with real seizures vs a simple fainting spell. She is exactly where she needs to be with the right person". So, I guess I found my vet. Seems he doesn't just write out scripts for narcs without seeing the dog and running tests. Which is exactly what I needed or rather, it was what Wendy should've had.

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