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Profile: Dogs are like the brightest star, blazing through the darkness of night, and they are like a sun that outshines the day. They burn so intensely, so brightly. And for some, that blaze is for only a short time on this planet. Well, at least they get to spend more time in Heaven if their stay here is not as long as we'd like it to be. In nature there must always be a balance. Perhaps their stay is weighed with the goodness that fills them. It is said one cannot get enough of a good thing--dogs are that good thing to me. I think dogs have the capacity for deep compassion, love, and concern for beings of all types, human and otherwise. I believe it goes beyond human understanding--because what they give comes from a heart that is pure, a spirit that is guileless, and a soul that operates on a level higher than anything close to human. I am convinced Goldens unfurl their wings when we are not looking. Have you ever noticed an expression they have, especially when they smile, that gives hint to something wondrous and grand? As if they have the most incredible gift they are hiding behind their back but you can tell they want so very much to show you what it is. Well, when I see that expression I could swear I feel the flutter of their wings in my heart. Dogs can touch and mold our hearts, our spirits, and our minds. And in so doing they bring us a little bit closer to embracing, within ourselves, the goodness they are. Which is grander than any concept of humanity.

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My human thinks I am one good looking furboy and her nickname for me is Handsome-Clansome. I have the best smile, guaranteed! She believes I love to make her laugh, and she is right. If my human "sneaks" into another room, and I realize she is gone, I'm off and prancing from room-to-room, looking for her, with a bit of a panicky look on my face. When I find her, usually hiding behind a door, she starts giggling. She says playing hide-and-seek with me is fun. But I don't mind because when she starts laughing, I start grinning - tongue hanging out, and a goofy look on my face. When we are going somewhere in the car, I sit in the passenger seat next to my human. When she is driving I will put my paw-hand on her if I feel she is not driving with care. She'll be looking out the window, we'll round a turn, and out comes my paw. I keep it on her until I feel all is clear. Every now and then I'll glance over at her when I have my paw on her, lift an eyebrow and give her a look. It is akin to the look one person will give another when they nod and purse their lips--that kind of, "I told you so!" look. I keep her in check. I am quite demonstrative and I often use my paw-hands to communicate. When I'm playing and really get excited, I will straighten my arms out in front of me and bounce around, back and forth. If I have a toy I'm playing with, I toss the toy all over the place, pounce on it, throw it haphazardly and wherever it lands I'm on it, stiff arms and all.I have great love radar; if she sneaks a loving moment with one of the other fur-kin, no matter where I am at the time, if I cannot see or hear her--I know--and I'm quickly up and on my way to investigate and nose my way in for some hugs and kisses. I will often circle my human, then lean all my weight into her. I'm just the right height for her to give me back and head scratches when Im propped up against her--Ah, that is the best! I am her clown companion. I am also a Couch Yam -- note the coloring. I pine for the couch and pout if I can't do my lounge-lizard thing on it. I'm one fine gent and I love her to bits.

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Tucker Furguy

Tucker Furguy

I am gentle, tender, loving, understanding, thoughtful, young at heart, playful, and a blessing (so says my hooman). I can sit where she can see me from the corner of her eye and I may stay there for many many dog minutes... "staring a thought" into my hooman's mind. "Throw the ball, or bone, or woobie, or the little boy dog who shares our home (::canine snickers:: just kidding) and I will fetch it." Sometimes I will fall asleep, and my "staring thoughts" will be forgotten. Oh, I'm still facing her, but my eyelids are closed, or my eyes rather roll up into my head and I become a kind of scary, demon-eyed looking dog. My jaw might open a bit and my tongue sometimes hangs out over my lower teeth -- a frightening spooky dog, with a goofy Scooby "like-wow" grin. Okay, back to my heartguard activities. I call them that as I could never consider them duties, for I love what I do, because I love my hooman. Not only that, but we canines are hard-wired to love, if given the chance, the hoomans in our keeping. We are spirit-mates - the sum of our two hearts sharing our souls. She is my hooman and I am her furkin. And it is a perfect arrangement, all around. I like: My easy chair. Being close to my human. Balls. Things to fetch--over & over & over. Camping. Riding in the car. Pet-Peeves: Don't like it when my human runs out of throwing the ball energy. Toy hoarder. I want clean arms & will wash them after I eat. Favorite Toy: Anything I can fetch. Woobies I can "draw & quarter" Favorite Food: carrots, apples, biscuits, bananas, bread Favorite Walk: Mountains, coast, anywhere really Best Tricks: sit, stay, down, shake, talk Arrival Story: As a pup, I became very sick with Parvo. I survived, but of the litter, I was the last one adopted. The others had been chosen and taken to their forever homes, but it seemed no one wanted me. I was thin and smaller than my littermates, a result of the Parvo. But God saved the best for last, and kept me in waiting for my human!!!!! I am a trooper, with a sweet heart! Bio: I am Clancy's younger blood brother. I am gentle, tender, loving, understanding, thoughtful, young at heart, playful, a blessing. I love to go camping!!! I am a sure-fire car riding addict. I love to go out with my humans and visit my cousin, Bear, a Black Lab. At night I love to put my head down on a pillow next to my human, stretch my arms out and touch her or hug her, all the while staring lovingly at her. Sometimes I tuck my head up against hers and sleep like a babe. I don't have a mean bone in my body. I am lucky to be alive and life is a happy place to be for me to be.

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"My Gold Shadow" is what my skin kin calls me because when she is with me in the backyard, I stand as close to her as I can. My nose sometimes touches her legs, and my paws will step on her floppy shoes. When I step on her flippy-flop shoes, my skin kin lurches forward a bit, then spins around to see if it was me who tripped her. If she looks behind, to her right, I shift just enough to her left that she cannot see me. Same thing if she looks behind, to her left. It is fun, and I'm pretty good at it. When we are inside, I stay close to her. If she moves to another room, I am there with her. If she is at the computer I will be there on the floor, close by. There are other places more comfortable, or cooler, but I will first just be close to my human. After a while, I will lumber over to one of my favorite spots, like the corner in the kitchen, up against the dishwasher and cabinets. It is cool there and I can prop myself up nicely when I roll over onto my back. From there I can keep an eye on her, so I will know if she goes to another room. If she does, I follow quietly behind her. I am a happy guy. Have been since I was little. I think she noticed that about me from the start. I was born in a town a few miles away from her town. She drove out to look at me and my brothers and sisters. She really got hooked into us right away. It was the middle of summer and hot. My mom's skin kin kept us in a big outdoor pen with a cute, little white fence. My mom and older sister had free run of the yard and they visited us when they weren't running, playing, or sleeping someplace cool. They came out to see my soon-to-be skin kin. Mom and sis put on their best faces and really impressed my human. She stayed for a long, long time playing with us, talking to us, picking us up and hugging and kissing us. She very much liked one of my sisters and me, and she couldn't choose between us. Out of the litter we two were almost like identical twins, a little different than the others. My would-be-soon human told the humans where I lived that she would wait for a week and she would let chance and the Creator have their way--If one of us was left in a week, that one would be the fur kin she took home with her. But she did put in her own thoughts on the matter about which of us to pick. While she was with us, she said a prayer and left it in the Lord's hands. Well, I said a prayer, too. I figured I was the best for her. My sister was rambunctious and full of mischief making energy. I sensed that my human--and I referred to her as such to myself, for in my heart she was already mine--needed a more peaceful and calm fur kin. I wanted to be attentive to her, even if she didn't notice it, because I was young and small. You see, the Lord gave me a gift that fits me perfectly. He made me a caretaker for hearts and souls, furry and non-furry. I sometimes drool. Like when she who is my skin kin is preparing my breakfast or dinner--gobbets of long, stringy drool, or that foamy-bubbly stuff that makes me look rabid. ::insert a little, happy snort:: I'll often drool when I am being her golden shadow, and leave trails of drool on her legs or pants. When it dries it looks kinda like a snail has been wandering around on the backs of her legs. I try not to snicker too loud. Heh he he. Back to that week of waiting. I was meant for her--the Creator let me know this as surely as he lets me know when it is time to eat and play. I had already bonded to her, as it is meant to be. I was waiting for her, a grin on my furry face and love-sparkle in my eyes. She was not disappointed to find that I was left, she was ecstatic. When she picked me up in her arms, I was already home. She spoke with my mom's humans in their house. She paid the money agreed upon for me... and all the while embraced me next to her heart, up against her neck. She gave me lots of kisses, too, and kept smelling my breath--my puppy breath. She sure did like doing that, which was no problem for me and I was happy to breathe my hot, puppy-face-smiling breath her direction, if it meant I could stare at the human who was now my family.

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