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JOHNNY THE RHODESIAN-LAB Johnny, AKA Piglet (b/c he used to oink in his sleep), Il Diavolo (that's sort of self explanatory), Honey, and Cobra (b/c he has his mouth open all the time ready to strike lol!). He just turned a year old. My sister and I found him in the middle of the street. I tried to find him a new home, but after just one week I fell in love with him. At the beginning I doubted if I should keep him since I already had 4 dogs. For the first few weeks he was very skittish and I had a really hard time housebreaking him. We had a rocky beginning, I mean us humans b/c he bit us like crazy. But after a few more weeks he got better. Like all puppies he has lots of energy that last all day long, but he promptly goes to bed at 9 all by himself. He loves chew toys. Johnny is a "professional nibbler" and in his free time he enjoys watching the sun rise on my bed (usually while laying on top of me). He enjoys car rides, walking, running, barking at anything that moves, but he is not so sure about swimming yet! He loves belly rubs and that's the only way to calm him down. Johnny adores his brothers (Mike, Jeff, Max, and Sammy). He is a great boy and I thank God everyday that I found him.

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MIKE THE CHOCOLATE LAB Mike's mom says: His name is Michael Alexander I. AKA MickeyPooh, Pooh, Chocolate, Pussycat, Pupurucho and I think that's it. He is 4 years old. Mike was my first puppy and he is spoiled rotten, no doubt about it. Unlike labs he doesn't like to get wet at all. After drinking water he immediately gets behind the couch and rubs his face against the carpet until there's not a drop on his whiskers. Because he is so spoiled he only allows us to pet him when he pleases apart from that he is very independent. One thing he hates is being left alone (no brothers with him). When I have to leave him alone, he gets into the trash and spreads it throughout the house. But when he is with his brothers he's a great boy. His only and biggest flaw is that he can't see a door open because he will run away. With time this has gotten a little better and we are still working on it. He loves sleeping on my head and uses his paw to get my hair out of the way (ouch!), so it won't tickle his nose. His other favorite spots to sleep in are the sofa, the chimney, and the bathroom (especially in the summer). Mike thinks that he is the king of the house and is definitely the leader of the pack. He is passionate about food and squeaky toys. He enjoys eating ice cubes. Although Mike loves his other brothers (Jeff, Max, Sammy, and Johnny), after the loss of his baby brother, Tommy, he has never been the same. I am very lucky to have Mike as part of my family.

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SAMMY THE BICH-POO (BICHON POODLE) Sammy's mom says: He is 4 years old. AKA Sammyxoxo, Xoxo, Zizu, Duddlethingy, Cotton tail, Snow flake, Meerkat, Motitas (lint), and Little Lamb. My sister found him running is the street while she was working. At first her friend decided to keep him after no luck in finding his owner. About 2 months after this happened her friend told her that he was not going to be able to keep him. So we took him in. Sammy definitely believes that he is a baby and loves to be the center of attention. He is my shadow and loves to be carried. He is a very picky eater. Whenever someone gets home he will welcome you with a little dance and wants everybody to pet him. Sammy might look cute and cuddly but don't let the exterior fool you, inside lurks a beast. His favorite toys are stuffed animals. He loves car rides, swimming, walking, playing, looking out the window, and barking at the dogs on TV. His favorite place to sleep is on my pillow and he even likes to be rocked to sleep. Sammy is my precious baby and I'm very happy that he is with us.

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JEFF AND MAX Jeff, AKA JeffyZu or My Little Pony (b/c he is a giant), is a yellow lab and he is 10 years old. Max, AKA Maximus, Maxy, Cocker, is a Chocolate Lab + Springer Spaniel mix and he is also 10 years old. . They have been together since they were 12 weeks old. After my 1 year old baby lab, Tommy, got killed by a reckless driver my family, my other baby, and I were completely devastated. As a way to honor him we thought of adopting another to dog, but we needed to wait until we were ready. This is the story of Jeff and Max: they had a wonderful life in Savanna, GA until their owner got diagnosed with terminal cancer and had to go to a hospice. He gave his precious babies to someone in his family but this person didn't want them, so he took them to the pound. They placed them in different cages. Jeff, yellow lab, dropped to a scary weight of 40lbs. Georgia Lab Rescue found them and took them in. They had already been to 3 different foster homes. When my sister read their story it broke her heart, it reminded her of Mike and Tommy. She told us about it and that was it, nothing else to think about. We began the adoption process and two days later we drove about 3 hrs to bring them home. They have been with us for over a year and it feels like we have always been together. The first few weeks were a little hard specially for Jeff. They both had ear infections. Max warmed up to us right away, but with Jeff wasn't as easy. He kept his tail between his legs and was sick for at least 2 weeks (the vet said that it was just stress). Jeff now weights a healthy 10lbs (no more b/c of his hip arthritis) and Max 68lbs. Jeff is a very nervous (cranky) dog and doesn't like visitors. Whenever I take him out to the vet, to walk, to swim, or just about any place he gets sick. But he sure likes car rides and sleeping. During the day he likes to sleep in his bed in the living room and at night he sleeps in my bed. Even tough, Jeff is a lab he is the size of a Great Dane. Unlike his brother, Max is very easygoing and he adapts to everything in a heartbeat. Max's favorite thing to do is bark like there's no tomorrow. He even barks in his sleep. Whenever we tell him to be quiet he looks at you straight in the eye and barks even more, he sure is a talker. His other obsession is water; he will lie down in any body of water, no matter how big in size or cleanliness. Whenever he wakes up or when we get home, he must have something in his mouth whether it's a shoe, a piece of clothing, the mail, or the grocery bags. They are both great dogs and I am very lucky that they belong to my family.

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TOMMY THE LIGHT YELLOW LAB Tommy's mom says: His name is Tommy Maximillian I and he is now at Rainbow Bridge. AKA Momo, Momitobebe, Momodrilo, Monareco. He came home with us when he was 6 weeks old. Tommy was the perfect puppy then he became a destroyer. He loved to chew the tags of just about anything and lived hanging from his brother's collar. When the sprinklers went off he would go and completely destroy them. Whenever I went to the yard and left him inside he would go nuts, barking and scratching the door. Since he was a baby he got used to going in the console of the car and even when he was bigger he still thought that he was small enough to fit there. He was always the first one to go to bed, enjoyed taking an afternoon nap and the first one to wake up. He loved sleeping in the pillows and hated whenever you closed any door. Unlike his brother, Mike, he loved to be around us all the time. He adored car rides, swimming, walking, running, and making his brother's life fun. His favorite toy was a squeaky green monster. He loved eating ice cubes, popsicles, lollipops, and peanut butter bars. You could never reprimand him or his brother b/c he would get in your face and bark. His most precious treasure was his brother Mike. I know that he will always be with us and I feel incredibly blessed that he belonged to my family. Tommy was the greatest joy of our lives.

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