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Winifred Rose

Winifred Rose

Winifred (Winnie) Rose was brought up from a high-kill shelter in Georgia when she was about 9 months old. She had traveled around quite a bit, mostly through Southern states, and somehow ended up being rescued by one of my classmates and held as a foster dog. I was sitting in class one day in October and overheard my classmate trying to persuade my teacher into adopting the puppy. "She's the sweetest black labrador, you'd love her! We need to get rid of her soon because we're starting to get too attached," she had said. My own dog Bailey Wilbur had just recently died two weeks before, from bone cancer. I knew my family was looking for a new dog, but I also knew that my Mother was set upon getting an Airdale Terrier. At the time, Winnie's age wasn't really known, only bits of her background- but for some reason, I felt like she was the one we should adopt. If I hadn't been in such an abnormally good mood that next Friday morning driving into school, we never would have gotten Winnie. I told my Mother about her, and she agreed we could take a look! The minute we got to my classmates' house, Winnie jumped right into the car as if to say, "take me home!" :) For the first few weeks having Winnie in our house, she was perfect. It was as if she was saying, "I'll just sit here with my paws crossed and be a good girl. That should keep me here for a while." Which, it did- and even when she developed a naughty attitude for teething on everything, we still put up with it and kept her. When you lose a dog who is very, very close to you; and especially tragically- you get a pain in your heart that seems to last forever. However, Winnie was the one bandage that could stick to that injury and heal it. We're so glad to have her and she's the most wonderful puppy imaginable :)

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Bailey Wilbur Sniffuls

Bailey Wilbur Sniffuls

In Loving MemoryIn Loving Memory

Bailey first came to us as a young, very tiny puppy. Several years after the passing of our previous dog, we decided it was time to get a new companion and went down to the local animal shelter. There was Bailey, in a stall full of young puppies fresh from a puppy mill in West Virginia. Bailey was seemingly the runt of the litter, sitting quietly in the corner of the cage, as all the other puppies jumped and barked at the gate. Bailey came home that same day, and after a long day of buying supplies at the pet store and having other customers comment on how adorable he finally was able to pass out in his crate. (He was actually so small at that point, we had to put the divider up!) That night, he started barking as any new dog does, and my dad went down to spend the night keeping him company sleeping next to the cage. Because of this I think, Bailey has always had an extra special bond with my dad; He patiently waits all day for him to return home from work, and instantly is thrilled as soon as my dads black car pulls in the driveway. Bailey's size is another story. When we first got him, he was very small. We never figured he would grow as big as he is. Everyone comments on his size when we walk him, as seeing him in person you really do notice just how large of a dog he is. We should have named him clifford. Bailey is a companion to us all. Often times, he will follow my mom around as she does housework, or simply lie next to her in her office during the day. He loves other dogs, and frequently plays and walks around the block with my cousins and their dogs, who also live in town. Everyone on our street knows Bailey, and everyone shares our love for him. Baileys favorite place is a local nature reserve in town. It's a sprawling forest comprised of hills, streams, swamps and open fields. It's a hot spot in town for people to take their dogs and let them run off a leash; To go swim in the stream and sniff things in the woods. Never is Bailey as happy as when he is in the woods, running amongst the trees and playing with the other dogs. Sometimes you swear he's a deer, watching him run around. Bailey also has a mischievous side to him. As a puppy, Bailey managed to get up on the counter and take a big bite out of a birthday cake my mom had just made for a party that day. She scolded him, and after baking another, ran upstairs to grab something for the party for which she was already late. After returning back downstairs, she found the second cake now had a bite taken out of it, and Bailey was hurriedly heading upstairs to hide under the bed. Sometimes I wonder how Bailey has even made it this long, considering all the things he's eaten. Whole trays of brownies, cakes, sandwiches, plastic bags, brillo pads, flip-flops, chicken bones, you name it he's shredded it and eaten little bits of it. He's largely past that stage now, although once in a while his sweet tooth will still get the best of him if something is lying out on the counter. Bailey is a fantasic, loving, caring, beautiful dog, and I have never known and probably never will know any dog like him. To say we as a family love him does not do our relationship justice, which is why the news that came yesterday is so difficult to swallow. About a month ago, we noticed Bailey had a slight limp. He was due to go to the vet anyway that weekend, where he was assumed to simply have a sprained ankle and given some anti-inflammatory medication. Things seemed to be better for a little bit, until this past week when his condition has worsened significantly. Bailey now hangs his right left leg, not wanting to put any pressure on it. Obviously concerned, he went back to the vet to have an x-ray yesterday, where the stunning conclusion was made that Bailey had osteosarcoma. We were stunned, and more than anything, devastated. Bailey has only been with us for 3 years, and the thought of him leaving us so soon is unfathomable. At this point, we are still deciding what to do in terms of treatment, but more than anything we just want him to be comfortable and happy. Whatever we decide, all of us are so thankful to have Bailey, and so greatful for all the joy and fun times he has brought us as a family. ___________________ Update ___________________ On October 9th, 2010, Bailey passed away after battling a tragic war with Osteosarcoma in his back leg. For the last few moments, his family stayed with him and made him as happy as possible. He was only three years old. Thank you Wilbur, for making everyone's lives so much better, making the a gloomy day shine and putting smiles on the grumpiest people's (and dog's) faces. I love you.

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