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Profile: My name is Madeline Rivera. I'm a 17 year old female and I love ALL animals. Even the proclaimed "Ugliest Dogs" in the "Ugliest Dog Competition". I think they're all beautiful in their own way. I am the proud mother of a BEAUTIFUL APBT named CoCoa. I once owned 3 dogs at one point which was CoCoa, Chris Rock, and Mia. Chris Rock and Mia both had to be put down. Chris Rock due to spinal injuries, and Mia due to panreaitis. I also had yet another APBT named Apatche. My mom and I went on a 2 day trip during the summer many years ago and left him with a house sitter. The house sitter left him out in the blazing sun all day one day, unintetionally I hope, and he had a heat stroke. I miss them all so much. I also have 8 Beta fish (each named The Hulk, Miss Thing, Billy, Rocco, Dice, Tuffy, Darla, and Yacko) 3 birds (1 Blue Lovebird named Angel, 1 Parakeet named Paulie, and 1 Sun Conure named Lupe) and 2 turtles (each named Biggie and Smalls). I love all my pets to death and I might be getting 3 puppies very soon. 2 of them are going to be Yorkie/Rat Terrier/Maltese, and 1 of them is going to be another chocolate APBT quite like my CoCoa. The 2 Yorkie/Rat Terrier/Maltese pups are my friends dogs grandkids. My friend is named Ruby Sky. She once owned the Yorkie and the Rat Terrier which were the grandparents of the pups. But her Rat Terrier died in Dec 08. So she only owns the Yorkie now. ANYWAY, her dogs pups were given away. One female was given to her father's friend for his daughter and they mated her with a Maltese. Thus, producing her dogs grandkids. I also might be getting my APBT pup from Ruby Sky's other friend who has two chocolate APBT's. The mother resembles CoCoa and the father resembles The Dog Whisperer: Cesar Millan's Daddy. Except the father is taller and darker. The only resemblance? Their facial features. That's about it. I got a little off-topic there, but whatever!! Peace OUT!!!!

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CoCoa is such a smart girl! She was rescued from an abusive family and has lived with me for almost 4 years. She turned out to be the BEST dog anyone can ask for. She is just the sweetest ever.

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Angel Chris Rock

Angel Chris Rock

In Loving MemoryIn Loving Memory

He was my ex best friends dog. He was in an abusive home, something NO dog should ever experience. He lived in a Yorkie-sized kennel and stood at 13 inches tall and weighed 10 lbs at the age of 1 1/2 years! You were literally able to count every rib, every spine knuckle, every BONE in his body without fault. I took him home once I realized he was there and after one week with me, he gained 25 lbs and grew 7 inches. In the end, he stood at 23 inches and weighed 56 lbs. I gave him 4 magnificent years with me and I never spoke to that horrible lady again.

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Angel Mia

Angel Mia

In Loving MemoryIn Loving Memory

Mia wasbought for $500 from an abusive owner. Almost all of my dogs were rescues! Mia lived 11 (almost 12) wonderful years with me and she will NEVER be forgotten. She had to be put to sleep on 6/23/2009 due to the fact that she caught pancreaitis. She is missed very much and we all still love her dearly. She was born on 7/4/1996 and would have made 12 years with us if she would have just pulled through a little more.

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Angel Apatche

Angel Apatche

In Loving MemoryIn Loving Memory

Apatche came to me many years ago. He was born in a litter of 16. His biological mom was unable to care for all the pups herself. She was losing tremendous weight and an immense rate. She was on the verge of dying. Her owner had to make an intense decision by either killing off half of the pups or finding someone to be half of the pups foster carer. He called up my mom and she eagerly took position as foster mom. Apatche was in the litter and we weren't planning on getting a pup. My mom and I bottle fed the pups 2 at a time. They sat in her lap as I held the bottles in their mouths. My mom held and warmed the pups as they ate just like a mother dog would. I was happy to be doing this. The pups were given to us at 3 weeks of age. Their eyes weren't even open yet. As the pups grew older, I signaled out my favorite. A small white pup with a brown eye patch on his left eye. As it turns out, he was the biggest one when they were all 2+ years of age. The pups were given to approved and loving family households where they lived 10+ years. You should alreayd know the story of Apatche. When my mom and I left many years ago on a 2 day trip during the blazing summer, we left Apatche with a house keeper. He loved the housekeeper dearly and despite his natural instinct (along with some added force) to guard our house and the people in it with his life, he took a liking to the housekeeper. Anyway, she left him out all day on one of those two days we were gone, unintentionally I hope, and he had a heat stroke. He lived a good 10 years with us and had a blast in doing so. I AM TRYING TO FIND MORE PICTURES OF APATCHE IN OLD PHOTO ALBUMS SCATTERED AROUND THE HOUSE. I CAN'T GUARANTEE ANY MORE PICTURES THAN THE ONE PROVIDED. BUT IF FOUND, I WILL ADD THE NEW (YET OLD) PICTURES HERE. THANK YOU.

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