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Profile: Rockford is my sweet Shetland Sheepdog. My avatar shows me and him when I was younger but his unconditional love stays the same. He has many nicknames such as Rockstar, Bocheboo, but most commonly called Rocky. I love him with all my heart and he is the sunshine in my every day. He loves going off-leash walks where he chases bunnies. He knows miilions of tricks that I taught him myself. He is always my shadow following me everywhere and gently puts his chin on my leg when he wants to be pet. Rocky comes petsitting with me so he has lots of friends.He loves to pose and smile for pictures as you can see in these photos. Rocky loves to fetch but will go nowhere near the water. Rocky has booties for his long walks and he heards his little friends but surprisingly is not nappy or "talkitive" like many other Shelties. But even though he is my first dog and only 4 years old when he isn't here anymore he will stay in my heart forever. I LOVE ROCKFORD!!!! Clancy is a sweetheart who curently lives in Californio! Clancy gets lots of burs stuck in his fur and loves to ride in 4-wheelers! I love Clancy! I post pictures often so I would check often! Come see Ella the yorkie!

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Rockford (Rocky)

Rockford (Rocky)

Hello! Come see my videos on youtube! My name is really Rockford but most people call me Rocky. Sometimes I am also called Rockstar, Boocheboo, or just Rock. I have been with Riley since I was 6 months old and many times she wishes she had me when I was younger.I have many doggie friends that I Wuv to play with but my favorite person in the whole wide world is my Mama, Riley. I think it is funny when I follow her around everywhere, my face there begging her to pet me. I Love when Riley takes me on off-leash walks so I can "Patrol" the neighborhood of bunnnies. I love to fetch the ball for Riley 'cause it makes her happy. I also love to go to the dog park and meet a whole bunch of new doggie friends. Riley goes petsitting and I like to come with her and play with the dogs she petsits. Thats one reason I have so many doggie friends.Learning all those tricks is not my first priority but Riley teaches me so I'm happy. I love treats and love the outdoors. when people walk by our house I bark at them, I know its inpolite but its so fun! No swimming for me though! I put my head on someone's lap when I want attention and like to please Riley by "Smiling" and posing for pictures. I love to heard the 4-wheelers and go on bikerides. I like the sound of Riley playing the piano but whenever she gets her Trombone out it is so loud I hide in the bathroom. Mom says I have bad teeth but I'm perfect in everyother way. I have charming naturally crimped hair behind my ears and Riley loves me too death! If I were you I would check this website often because Riley Loves to take pictures!I Love being Rocky! :)

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In Loving MemoryIn Loving Memory

Hi, I'm Clancy! I'm an A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E schnauzer. I Love to ride in 4-wheelers but will go nowhere near water. My best bud is Rocky but I don't live with him. Rockys Mom's Aunt's is who I live with in sunny California! People say I'm super cute but also say I'm a Stubborn Old Fart (which I am) but I know Rockys Mum WUVS me still. I am ALMOST sure my name is Clancy but when I get in trouble I can't figure out if my name is "NO NO Bad dog!" or Clancy. But either way I know Rocky's Mum misses me just the same. --- Clancy as recently passed away right before Thanksgiving 2011. He had a long life of 13 years old but had developed a giant tumor on his stomach for the second time. Riley (Rockys Mom) wasn't able to see him before he died but his Mom said that it almost looked as if Clancy was half pregnant on only one side of his tumor hanging. We all miss him, see you in fields of giant dog treats, Clancy.

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Hi I'm Wesson! My family found me at a shelter with a whole litter of unwanted puppies. When they brought me home I enjoyed chasing splashes in the water, going on long runs, playing with Rocky and spending time with my family. Many people say that I look like a mini Golden Retriever. But when my Dad's military doctor job made them move to Japan I couldn't come. I stayed with many different families but currently are at Rocky's house! I was very sad for a while. I love my family. And if you notice a pink spot on my nose thats my "battle scar" which is really just an animal bite. Did I mention that I love going jogging and chasing splashes from rocks in the water?! Anyways, here I am here marking my territory on the Daily puppy.

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Hello earthlings. I come in peace.~ I'm Ella! I may be small but I have a big heart! I like to take on Great Danes, and win! Ahh, you know I'm kidding. Anyway, I live with Riley's Grandma but I get to see her and Rocky all the time. I'm treated like a princess. I have pink everything! Collars, crates, bows, you name it! I'm very stubborn, especially when it comes to training, but I'm young. I've got a whole life ahead of me, why rush? I love playing basketball. Even though I'm a third the size of Rocky and hes scared of basketballs I'm not! I'm so brave! I attack it growling and pouncing, trying to fit my teeth around it but its too big! Oh, and I love sleeping on people's laps. Not to mention, I love my squeky toys! I shake them to die like a shark to its prey. Hehe. You can lift it in the air when I have a good grip and I'll come up with you holding on to the toy midair! I'm pretty cool. I love breaking the rules and looking cute to get out of it. As you can obviously see, I am awesome! You are so lucky.

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The Foster Puppies

The Foster Puppies

These are my 5 week old Foster Puppies from the Seattle Humane Society. Their names are Luna (The only girl with the white on her face), Jimmer (The biggest and black face), Lego (Really playful with brown sideburns) and Bob ( Brown eyebrows, the runt who had an eye infection :( Super mellow and loving). I love all of them and especially Bob. He got his name because when he came to us he had kennel cough and an eye infection so we were like "Can we fix him? Yes we can!" We did fix Bob the Builder and he is the sweetest dog I have ever met. The puppies left a couple days ago and I miss them sooooooo much, I wish I could of kept Bob! They all got adopted super quickly and even though I only had them for 2 weeks I will miss them so much! I miss how playful they were and having the adorable puppies sleeping in my arms. The only thing I don't miss is waking up early from them whining through the night and the ongoing poop fest! I miss and love you pups! Good luck in your new homes!

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