Abby the Mixed Breed

Puppy Breed: Chihuahua / German Shepherd Dog

Abby is our sweet and sassy mixed breed puppy. We adopted her from a local shelter and she has kept us giggling since we brought her home. We speculate that Abby is a Shepherd/Chihuahua mix. She loves pestering her new sister, Gilly the cat, by chasing her wind-up mouse and trying to snuggle with her. Abby is almost fully housebroken and has mastered "sit, stay". She is learning how to walk politely on a leash. She is a smart, happy girl who loves meeting new dogs and new people. She is well-loved!

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BCD luver Feb 25, 2011
now this is OUTSTANDING news!!! oh darling abby, you have definatley...

hatten Feb 25, 2011
Oh, I'm in love!

LePenguin Feb 25, 2011
So cute it should be illegal.

veronica Feb 25, 2011
adorable & soooooooo cute. x

teeru Feb 25, 2011
my friend is behind me.

cprisk Feb 25, 2011
I LOVE the ears! What a cutie!

Bru-Tay Feb 25, 2011
I can see why you speculate that Abby might be part Shepherd and part...

princelover Feb 25, 2011
What a cute little girl. I love her "at attention" ear. She...

elliel Feb 25, 2011
What could be cuter than those adorable ears!? What a doll. Make sure...

Mollywoggs Feb 25, 2011
Oh you are a pretty little girl! What beautiful eyes you have! It...

goldenlover Feb 25, 2011
Pure innocence.

mattysmom Feb 25, 2011
Abby those ears are irrisistible! SO glad you found a great home and...

jasper1 Feb 25, 2011
AWWW, geez! How cute is this puppy?!!! I LOVE this website! She is...

w102663 Feb 25, 2011
You're a sweet, cute puppy, Ms. Abby. You have a secret admirer...

mandystar Feb 25, 2011
Happy life in your furever home, Abby !

furriesrfantastic Feb 25, 2011
"My day will come Abby ... my day will come m-uh-ah-ah-ah"...

bestfriends Feb 25, 2011
Abby is a beautiful dog. I love the one ear up style she has going ...

meganbooth Feb 25, 2011
Love this shot. Kitty looks like she is still trying to make up her...

meganbooth Feb 25, 2011
And don't even get me started about THOSE EARS!!!! So Cute!!

amyliz Feb 25, 2011
Your little Abby is a delightful pup! From her pictures I can see she...

Puppy Power Feb 25, 2011
What a great picture! Many years for love & fun, Abby! xoxoxo

pelligrino Feb 25, 2011
Happy story, Beautiful Abby, great photo's! Again, mixes are such...

imissjess Feb 25, 2011
Absolutely love the ears! Some cute.

little_v Feb 25, 2011
I honestly think this is the best Daily Puppy photo ever....

Luckylady Feb 25, 2011
What an adorable girl! Love the shephard ears & the bright happy...

Sandee Williams Feb 25, 2011
You are so cute Abby...looks like you have a great home.

gumby1958 Feb 25, 2011
My daughter's name is Abbey and she is sweet & sassy, too! Must...

Sonax Feb 25, 2011
Thank You so much for rescuing ABBY from a shelter. She is one sharp...

cclbcelia Feb 25, 2011
uma fofura!!! amo

magic1 Feb 25, 2011
LOL! I love how the cat just photobombed Abby. They look like a...

gem1945 Feb 25, 2011
Awwww, Abby, you are so very cute!!! I'm having a hard time...

jolieavon Feb 25, 2011
OK, I've learned "sit", now...

momomtx Feb 25, 2011
Whatever mix she is, she's certainly adorable. However, I, too,...

Anichka5 Feb 25, 2011
I hope that the German Shepherd was the mother!! As the owner of...

janaS Feb 25, 2011
Abby is a beauty.

jonnijones Feb 25, 2011
My baby is a chewer and a fetcher too. What a darling puppy you...

Limmyluver Feb 25, 2011
OMB! Can a face get any cuter?!? I in looooove with the ears! ...

WATERDOG Feb 25, 2011
Here's the spot with all the flavor! Abby, you are so sweet. Your...

duettists Feb 25, 2011
Quite adorable!

malawi Feb 25, 2011
You are simply adorable Abby!

molly's mom Feb 25, 2011
Oh! What a pretty girl Abby is!!!!!Have fun..................

tink'smom Feb 25, 2011
OMG...the body of a Chihuahua the ears and snout of a Shepherd. How...

smitchell67 Feb 25, 2011
It is so cute how she is pointing & staring at biscuit # 11. What a...

daphne's mom Feb 25, 2011
How sweet! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! ...

Anubha Feb 25, 2011
she is soooooooo adorable

emadee Feb 25, 2011
Man, I love goofy puppy ears. What a cutie! :)

memberume Feb 25, 2011
Your family is blessed because of Abby's adoption. You have...

flutey48 Feb 25, 2011
She looks so much like my Maya... half Chihuahua and half Min-Pin......

Goldenmom58 Feb 25, 2011
I never realized until today that the cutest things on a pup are its...

cornchunks Feb 25, 2011
Abby's mother was a Chihuahua mix, about 25 pounds, and we THINK...

Shai Feb 25, 2011
ur so cute. looks so spirited

longislander Feb 25, 2011
Abby is a cutie, and so smart. I love those ears. Also love how she...

gryt Feb 25, 2011
What an adorable little puppy girl. Aww. PS. be...

chelsearosebud Feb 25, 2011
Life is ALWAYS best lived two-by-two with a best friend. Wuffs and...

chelsearosebud Feb 25, 2011
Oh Abby , what a beautiful collar! Love you, sweetie. XOXO

gouldkb Feb 25, 2011
What an unusual mix! Abby you are so adorable no matter who your...

ssmmtm Feb 25, 2011
Love the ears!

The Raven Feb 25, 2011
I just love this picture. The cat lurking steps above Abby. So...

kenna Feb 25, 2011
You have a cat sibling, huh?. You are sooooooooooo adorable. I love...

paulinespuppy Feb 25, 2011
Abby ur such a little cutiepie, with ur floopy ears..lots of kisses...

SammysRescueMom Feb 25, 2011
what a beautiful dog! You are so blessed....

Rio Feb 25, 2011
She is a little sweetheart.

Lucy's Dad Feb 25, 2011
Love her one up one down ears - she is a treasure!

wallysmom Feb 25, 2011
Oh! The ears! Pure silky floppy adorableness. And I *love* the look...

LATaurus Feb 25, 2011
Love the mismatched ears, and the cat watching warily from above. :)

kitcaepup Feb 25, 2011
What an adorable little girl she is!!! Love her ears!! I'm sure...

madeline Feb 25, 2011
Really adorable and sweet Girl !

clemency Feb 25, 2011
Abby is SO cute!! I just love her ears! I love this picture--Gilly...

phoenix2b Feb 25, 2011
One of her ears always stays up! How adorable and unique!

missO Feb 25, 2011
Well, Abby is one lucky girl and my guess is you are too. How...

stormsamson Feb 25, 2011
She is the cutest mix breed I've seen in a long, long time!!!

drakes' granny Feb 25, 2011
Abby is a little cutie. Pretty kitty too. You are very lucky to...

Kam&Wes Feb 25, 2011
I like the last picture too. But I thought it was hilarious how the...

ebead Feb 25, 2011
What a beautiful baby!!

abera Feb 25, 2011
shes so cute

virgilsmama Feb 25, 2011
This is the sweetest picture, of the sweetest little friends.

Dogrgr8 Feb 25, 2011
She is adorable but I have to ask.... how the hell did that pairing...

mablizz Feb 25, 2011
Daisy, you are so funny! What I cutie.....Wishing you lots of...

Nataliecrocca Feb 25, 2011
Abby is so adorable! i hope she lives a long life. Hugs and kisses to...

greyhoundmommy Feb 25, 2011
she is gorgeous you are lucky to have her and she is lucky to have...

lucybee Feb 25, 2011
LOVE this picture! Abby is such a sweet looking little girl.

Corky'smum Feb 25, 2011
She looks like a little fawn! so sweet

leia kelly Feb 25, 2011
Abby looks like a bundle of personality! She's pretty & precious!

doreendixon Feb 25, 2011
Chihuahua and German Shepherd??? That must have been an interesting...

coriebe Feb 25, 2011
Abby, you are adorable! :)

Lee1939 Feb 25, 2011
Such handsome companions! Abby's adoption story is a very nice...

mushermaggie Feb 25, 2011
I love One-Ear-Up, bet she doesn't miss a thing!

ruthie Feb 25, 2011
Abby, you are a beautiful, adorable little girl! I love your ears!!...

Ligia Feb 25, 2011
Kudos to your parents who adopted you from a shelter, adopted a mixed...

asiasmum Feb 25, 2011
Your little one really is the sweetest :)

priceless Feb 25, 2011
Check out those ears.... What a cutie... TROUBLE...

priceless Feb 25, 2011
I just saw the cat on the stairs... WE HAD A DOG AND CAT THAT WOULD...

wolfgirl66 Feb 25, 2011
Sweet Abby is very beautiful! These pics are very cute!

Coach21 Feb 25, 2011
Love the floppy ear! She is adorable!

Candy&Chloe's mom Feb 25, 2011
What a perfectly adorable little girl Abby is, and Abby knows it...

abusymom Feb 25, 2011
She is so sweet. I love the one ear up and one ear down look. Hugs & ...

shortyww22 Feb 25, 2011
Abby is soooo-CUTE!!!! I just love her sweet face and Adorable...

shortyww22 Feb 25, 2011
Abe,you are sooo CUTE!!! you remind me alot of my Dach mix...

bluegigi Feb 25, 2011
Awesome Abby!

NSTEPPERT Feb 25, 2011
Look at those eyes... Wow adorable!

pirosred Feb 25, 2011
Great pictures! Have a good life with Abby.

kgpayne13 Feb 25, 2011
Abby, you are just fabulous! What a sweet face, and I adore your ears!

milton's mom Feb 25, 2011
I giggled at the recipe: Shep and Chi mix? Ay, Chi!!

poochies=love Feb 25, 2011
Such a sweetie pie! You're gonna have so much fun! Blessings!

monkeynbubba Feb 25, 2011
OMG What a sweet and loving face. She is beautiful.. be...

stefanoula Feb 26, 2011

Jose Feb 26, 2011
Abby you look like your enjoying yourself with your toys. Your...

coonhoundmama Feb 26, 2011
What a little sweetiepie! Are those toofies bothering you? You...

maltipinfan Feb 26, 2011
Abby is a cutie, and I love her big beautiful eyes and ears.

josieburck10 Feb 26, 2011
She looks so small! She is cute

iluvk9s Feb 26, 2011
Sooo precious!!! Zillions of biscuits, hugs and kisses for Abby!

mamadog Feb 27, 2011
Love seeing Abby and her friend! She's a doll!

l944a Feb 27, 2011
What a stunner she is! Chihuahua shepherd mix? Love to hear how her...

amykeelinglovesdogs Feb 27, 2011

GSDLVR Feb 27, 2011
She is absolutely adorable!

guerrero's grandma Mar 1, 2011
Oh! A treat! can I have it please? Abby,you are one beautiful lady!...

Scamp's Grammy Mar 1, 2011
Abby, I think you have let Gilly get the upper hand/step....

Beautiful Cookie Mar 2, 2011
What a sweet sweet face you have, Little Abby. Long and happy life. ...

piobaire Mar 2, 2011
How adorable.

pelligrino Mar 18, 2011
Abby is so cute, i could cuddle her all day!